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Get the quality to bag first place Always the runner-up in your camera club competitions? If an extra dollop of image quality could help you nab that elusive first place, the FujifilmX-E2 could supply it

Camera club photo competitions are loads of fun, but it can be frustrating if you try your best only to be told that your shots are lacking on the image quality front. While it’s always the photographer, not the camera, that makes an interesting image, you can improve the quality of your creations by investing in a camera with cutting-edge sensor technology, such as the Fujifilm X-E2. Superior image quality The 16-megapixel X-E2 is the replacement for the massively successful X-E1, a camera that switched DSLR users everywhere on to compact system cameras. Sporting over 60 improvements from the original, the X-E2 boasts the X-Trans II sensor – a magnificent piece of technology that’s behind the camera’s amazing image quality. If you’re not familiar with the how the X-Trans II sensor works and how it delivers jaw-dropping quality, here’s a little bit of science… Ontypicalsensors,thepixelsarearrangedinsmall groupings. However, with the X-Trans II sensor, the groups are larger (often described as more random) and it’s this unique arrangement that is responsible for the higher image quality and fewer examples of moiré (a pattern caused by interference). Finally, if there’s one thing that shows up a shoddy sensor, it’s images taken in low light. Thankfully, the X-E2 controls digital noise remarkably well throughout its vast ISO range (100-25,600). There’s more to the X-E2 than just its fantastic image quality though. This lightweight CSC also packs a number of extra features that will come in handy in a photographer’s quest to bag a camera club photo contest gong. The EXR II processor is the engine of the camera and allows for lightning

TOP RIGHT With lightning fast responses and autofocus, you won’t miss the crucial moment – like snapping the subject arriving centre stage. RIGHT Shooting at dusk take advantage of the X-E2’s vast ISO range to get noise- free images. belowA prize- winning proposition – the lightweight and stylish X-E2.

fast autofocus (locking on to subjects in just 0.08 seconds), a start-up time of just 0.5 seconds and a shutter-lag time of 0.5 seconds – ensuring you don’t miss that special, prize-winning moment. The super-efficient processor also allows a fast continuous shooting rate; the X-E2 can rattle off seven frames-per-second – perfect for fast-moving action sequences. Creative options Experts are calling the X-E2 a modern classic and the accolade is perfectly suited when you take a look at the camera’s film simulation mode. It renders images with the same effects as you used to get shooting with Velvia, Astia or Provia films. Creative options are plentiful too, with features such as the Motion Panorama and Multi Exposure functions. Motion Panorama allows you to capture a seamless panorama, simply by sweeping the camera across a field of view, while the Multi Exposure feature overlays two images to produce a creative effect worthy of winning first place in any competition. And each image can be reviewed on the high-performance three-inch 1,040k dot LCD monitor, which even sports an electronic level display – you can wave goodbye to wonky horizons for good!

This lightweight camera packs a huge amount of technology and a heavyweight punch Classic styling Perhaps the most impressive element of the X-E2 is that all this cutting-edge technology is squeezed into a compact, retro-styled body, so you can also look the real deal while capturing award-winning images. The X-E2 is available in a classic silver/ black or a discreet all-black colour combination – the latter will probably appeal more to those who like street or candid photography. In short, the X-E2 is photo dynamite; a compact and lightweight camera that packs a huge amount of technology and a heavyweight punch. If you’re looking to step up and start winning camera club photo competitions, the X-E2’s image quality, ease of use and creative shooting options will help get you over the line and into first place.

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