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Interview by Will Cheung

Southampton International Exhibition Last year, the Southampton International Exhibition (SIE) attracted over 10,000 entries from 61 countries so it’s one of the UK’s biggest photographic salons. For the last decade its chairman has been Glyn Edmunds ARPS EFIAP/s APSA, and 2014 is his last one, so it seemed appropriate that Photography News had a chat with him

Photography News (PN): Tell us a bit about your own photographic background – what is your earliest memory of photography, when did you start and how did you get to be inspired by photography? Glyn Edmunds (GE): I recall the ubiquitous Kodak box camera with its 120 roll film being produced by my late father for family occasions, but it was not until I met my partner, now wife, Jean Brooks in the mid 1980s that I moved from a ‘happy snapper’ to a keen amateur. PN: Who are your favourite photographers? GE: In alphabetical order: Vic and the late Mary Attfield, Jean Brooks, Dave Mason, Leigh Preston, Willy Ronis, Tim Rudman and Chrissie Westgate. PN: Give us a potted history and highlights of the SIE’s 101 years. GE: The Southampton Camera Club was formed in 1896 so it’s over 117 years old and held its first exhibition in 1901 and its first international was in 1902. A few years were lost during the wars, which meant that we did not reach our centenary exhibition until 2013.

Daybreak, Skippool Creek by Norrie Phillips DPAGB

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