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the head in seconds and to switch quickly from tripod, slider or handheld shots. Four Aktiv models are available to suit a range of 75mm and 100mm tripods, up to a 12kg payload. The Speed Level technology replaces time-consuming bowl clamps and allows operators to release, level and lock their head tightly into the perfect position by simply lifting a lever. With no bowl clamp required, Aktiv heads can go flat to the ground for the perfect low-angle shot. The Aktiv system’s revolutionary Speed Swap feature means you can switch the camera between a tripod or a slider quickly. The Sachtler Aktiv fluid head range can now be pre- ordered from Sachtler resellers as a head only or as part of a Flowtech system.

Not happy with simply inventing the revolutionary Flowtech carbon fibre tripod, innovator Sachtler has revealed a new fluid head range designed to make camera set-up faster than ever. The revolutionary Aktiv fluid head uses what is called ‘Speed Level’ and ‘Speed Swap’ technology that allows you to mount, level and lock


Broncolor’s LED F160 is designed to allow photo and video shots in one go, without compromising on compatibility by using the extensive Broncolor range of light shapers. The LED F160 is a compact and durable LED lamp. The high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of the LED F160 has an average value of 97 and, even at 5500K, it remains as high as 99. So, it’s very accurate and natural. The LED lamp can use the various light shapers from the Broncolor range as it has the standard bayonet fitment. The LED F160 is designed as point light source and is therefore the first LED lamp that allows the precise forming and shaping of light. The diffusion element has the same light characteristics as the Broncolor flash units, which means the user can use the LED lamp in the same way as a flash unit.



NVMe technology to ensure fast performance. It also boots up in seconds and comes with a three-year warranty. There are a number of different sizes available, ranging from 240GB to 2TB.

The OWC Envoy Pro Elektron USB-C bus-powered drive is crush proof, dust proof and IP67-rated as waterproof, with up to 1011MB/s in real-world speeds. It’s even pocket-sized. The sleek, cool running, aircraft-grade aluminium SSD drive operates silently, without a power adapter. With the included USB-C cable and Type-A adapter, the OWC Envoy Pro Elektron is plug- and-play compatible with Macs or PCs produced over the last decade as well as iPad Pro and Chromebook tablets. It’s powered by the OWC Aura SSD, which uses advanced

Rode’s NT-USBMini is a compact desktop microphone that delivers studio-quality audio directly to a computer or tablet. So it’s perfect for everything frompodcasting to video calls. It’s easy to use and is recognised instantly by your computer. Just plug it in and go. It also features a headphone output with a precision level control, so you can easily monitor your audio, and there’s an in-built pop filter. It comes with a unique detachable magnetic desk stand and 360° swingmount for easy positioning.



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