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Panasonic packs loads of S1H spec into the smaller and cheaper S5


T oo big, too heavy, too time looking on forums, that’s the most common negative feedback internet warriors have levelled at the full-frame range of Panasonic S series cameras, such as the S1, S1R and S1H. Especially the fan- cooled S1H, which is even bigger and heavier. However, that’s usually from amateur stills photographers who haven’t actually bought and used one, but just read the specs or fondled one in a camera shop. With the S series so far, Panasonic has built some chunky, full-frame, professional-style cameras that perform incredibly expensive and with autofocus that’s lacking compared to the rest. If you spend your

is significantly smaller and lighter than any of its full-frame Lumix cousins. Despite having to have the larger L-Mount instead of the tiny MFT mount and sensor, the S5 is roughly the same size as the GH5 series and, at £1799/$1998 body only, is competitive with the GH5S. That’s a camera that uses a sensor literally a quarter the size of the full-frame 24.2-megapixel, dual native ISO sensor of the S5. In fact, it’s the same sensor as the flagship S1H, which costs around twice as much. And of course, the S5 doesn’t have everything the S1H has, but it still retains a huge amount of the spec and tools that filmmakers have come to expect from Panasonic.

well and have some moviemaking features nothing else can match. That’s one of the reasons why the 6K S1H is the only mirrorless approved for making Netflix movies. Anyone who buys and uses a S1H for serious filmmaking can’t fail but to be bowled over. But, like the naysayers claim, it is bigger, heavier and at the top end of the mirrorless price bracket – the same people claimwhat the world is waiting for is a full- frame version of the GH5 or GH5S in a body that’s roughly the same size, at approximately the same price, but doesn’t lose much of the filmmaking spec of the S1H. Well, Panasonic has been listening and revealed the S5, which

ABOVE The new Lumix S5 is much smaller than the S1H and is half the price, but still uses the same sensor



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