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To accompany the launch of the Titan X1, Rotolight has revealed a whole range of accessories, including a two-way V-Lock battery adapter that enables the light to run at 100% power on location. This sleek unit fixes on to the light stand using Rotolight’s own connector, married to a standard- style superclamp. It makes the Titan X1 a fantastic location solution. Rotolight also offers a new range of high-capacity batteries in 155Wh and 310Wh versions. There is also the custom-fitted Titan X1 flight case and soft bag, rain covers, softboxes and grids from the DOP Choice Snapbag range. The standard light comes with a conventional yoke fitment for a standard light stand, but you can also buy a Swan Neck fitment that has an adjustable top clamp to alter the angle of the light. Alternatively, there is a pole-operated yoke for mounting it to an overhead TV-style lighting rig. The prices of these have not yet been announced.

“The sheer power, accuracy, ease of use and diffusion make it a smart buy that will deliver for years”

by DMX and arrives with built-in compatibility with the Luminair 3 app. This means you can control the light fromDMX radio units or use Bluetooth from your smartphone. There is some added outlay: the app costs about £100/$100 because it is an industry-standard app for lighting control and not something developed by Rotolight. Yet, to add integrated wireless DMX to some rival lights, you can pay upwards of £100/$110 for a dongle to several thousand for a Skylink andmatching base station. So, it’s definitely a bargain on the Titan X1. The Rotolight Titan X1 is not a cheap light at all, but it offers a huge amount of value for your cash, with some unique features and great performance. It’s very bright –more powerful than all its big-name rivals – and has that wonderful built-in diffusion feature. The sheer power, accuracy, ease of use and that SmartSoft diffusionmake it a smart buy that will deliver for years.

to be aware of the cooling fan that, while quiet, certainly could cause a background hum in very quiet situations. You can dive into the menus and either turn it off or turn it down, making your own professional judgement as you juggle between the potential build-up of heat and audio interference. The one occasion that the fan makes no difference at all is when you are using the light to shoot stills. The Titan X1 offers high-speed sync RGB flash at up to 1/8000th for stills, using an integrated Elinchrom Skyport flash receiver. You have to buy the EL-Skyport Pro transmitter separately, if you want to use that function, which is probably better than it being bundled with the light as that would increase the price. You have tomake sure you buy the right model for your camera, and the cost is around £229/$250. Alternatively, if you don’t want the high-sync option, then the Titan X1 has a standard flash sync port, so you can use any flash triggers that are available at very low prices. While it comes to potential hidden extras, the light is fully controllable

ABOVE The rear of the Titan shows the touchscreen and control dials. The mains transformer can be fixed to a light stand or the back of the X1

ABOVE A fitted case, V-Lock battery system and soft case are just some of the accessories for the new Titan X1

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