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cards for a Monday morning shoot, I can rely on them and know that Yogesh will deliver in time,” says Rozanski. Production company oXyFire Media Creative were also on hand to cover one final performance, Ghost in the Ruins . Even though it was a more traditional outdoor broadcast event, set in the poignant Coventry Cathedral, it was linked in two parts. The first was seated inside a dark cathedral and focused on intimate and reflective choral moments, including singers and musicians rising from, and moving around, the audience. The second invited the audience to move into the ruins to experience a bold, performative ending, where more singers from in and around the community joined in. “The challenges were therefore twofold,” explains Rozanski. “We had to first figure out how to film in the dark cathedral, which was only backlit by projections of ghosts wandering around the ruins. For this, we used the G2 cameras with the B4 mount Canon ENG CJ lens range, since they allowed more light to enter the sensor – but it was the combination of these lenses and the camera with its updated sensor that functioned well for our needs. We then had to work out how to move our six-person camera crew, and all the equipment, “We had to first figure out how to film in the dark cathedral, which was only backlit by projections of ghosts wandering around”

A SANCTUARY FOR THE ARTS Coventry Cathedral is an historic and dramatic location for shows, but its lighting variables and large size make it a challenging location to work in

from inside the cathedral to the ruins 25 metres away for the second part of the performance, being watched by 800 people. It was quite hard to do, especially on a budget. I wanted 12 cameras for the shoot, but could only have ten, so we ended up using an enormous amount of fibre cabling – 62km to be exact.” Although the coverage for these events was set up for live stream, each of them aired as an edited broadcast.

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PLANS ON PLANS The logistics of delivering live streams are complex, like for the Pride of Scotland Awards (above)


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