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THE JOY OF SIX Panasonic’s new flagship Micro Four Thirds is full of features to make filmmakers ecstatic

WORDS. Adam Duckworth

C rash cam, in-car, drone, generic tight spot… new Panasonic Lumix GH6 can fulfil them. With a massive amount of codec options, brand-new sensor packing in more resolution than any other Micro Four Thirds chip, internal ProRes and all the best filmmaking tools, this new Lumix is a pocket powerhouse. You’ll love it, especially as the £1999 body also makes it one of the most affordable, flagship video-focused cameras currently available. However, if you aren’t already a hardcore Micro Four Thirds aficionado, the question of whether whatever your small camera requirements may be, the

to buy a GH6, with lenses to fit, is a little more complicated. For around the same price, you can buy a mirrorless camera that has a full-frame sensor, which is four times the area of the new 25-megapixel CMOS inside the latest Lumix. Even if you want to stay with Panasonic, the full-frame S5 is roughly the same physical size as the GH6 and currently costs around 25% less. Although it’s not a flagship camera, so lacks some filmmaking niceties. But if you demand the ultimate in image quality and low-light performance, chances are it’s a full-frame for you. Before you dismiss the GH6 as a lesser camera, solely due

FULLY FEATURED Rigged up with a shotgun mic (above), this new Lumix is dreamy for video

FAN-TASTIC Cooling vents stop overheating issues, and the HDMI is full-size (right)

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