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Zeiss It’s common knowledge that a larger sensor creates a wider field of view for a given focal length. Although taking advantage of that to create wide frames on these sensors runs into practical issues, around building short lenses with large sensor coverage. Zeiss’ response to that challenge is demonstrated by the just-announced Supreme Prime 15mm T1.8. That’s a lot of speed and field of view; the operator had best avoid wearing a big hat, lest it end up in-shot. What’s crucial is that Supreme Primes are usable at wide stops, without causing furrowed brows and desperate cranking of levers in the grade.

BLOWN AWAY IBE helps to make dazzling images with some unusual substances, like seeds from a dandelion

create more scattered, vivid effects – sometimes in multiple colours. CLASSIC CASES By this point, we’re not simulating lens effects any more, but a modern representation of what classic glass may have created. One adventurous manufacturer is IBE, specialising in filters made with a variety of materials, from horsehair to dandelion seeds. Results are bold and unique; if nothing else, they demonstrate how filters can interact with light from the scene in a way that’s hard to computer-simulate. This, after all, is the point. The popularity of real-world optical effects remains assured in a world of ever more pristine pixels; we’re just less willing to sacrifice the

“Anyone wanting images redolent of a new graduate’s tears has an off-the-shelf option”

conveniences of modern lenses. Mindful of a drive to inject emotion into results, Revar Cine names its filters things like Scarf Dust and PA Tears. The company explains: ‘Nowhere is the entire spectrum of emotion so distilled than in the Production Assistant’. Anyone wanting images redolent of a new graduate’s tears has an off-the-shelf option. Cruel? Perhaps. Organic? Well, that’s the swear box again. But it’s an optical effect, so yes.


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HUE AND CRY Revar Cine’s PA Tears lessens contrast and halation, giving a clean and bright aesthetic

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