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CineMorph’s elliptical aperture (right) has a marked effect on bokeh

Formatt- Hitech Formatt-Hitech CMO David Lutwyche gets the compromise of convenience with classicism. “A lot of modern optics are… call them neutral. We’ve seen an increase in multicam shoots. Once, it was one or two; now it’s larger crews, more gear.” Filtration helps. “Expediency. Match distinct lenses/cameras and get a consistent look. “When diffusion went out of fashion,” he adds, “it was different. Through extensive testing, we reformulated diffusion for digital cameras. Now, many filters of ours people really like are not that, but diffraction – the Soft Gold, Soft Silver, Soft White.” The company is happy to accommodate requests. “We do a lot of special commissions, having the R&D here in the UK – you can put anything between two pieces of glass!”

“Available in various strengths and colours, True-Streaks are perhaps most convincing on a lens with minimum barrel distortion”

designs admit some classic effects alongside speed and precision. Attempts to simulate the same thing with filtration might make veterans wince, but they can be straightforward. Vid-Atlantic’s CineMorph is a filter-sized black panel with an elliptical hole; it will stencil out-of-focus points of light into the classic shape, losing much light in the process. Combine that with one of Schneider-Kreuznach’s True-Streak series and there’s anamorphic flare, too. Available in various strengths and colours, they’re perhaps most convincing on a lens with minimum barrel distortion, to keep lines straight. Lindsey Optics sells similar options. Its Rota-Streak filter comes mounted in a rotating tray, compatible with 4x4 matte boxes. Lindsey and Schneider-Kreuznach both released versions of streak filters with coiled or chopped lengths of the streak-generating elements – all the better to

almost demands a coin in the swear box, but it’s worth noting that manufacturers, from Cooke (at one end of the budget range) to Sirui (at the other), have worked hard to give us anamorphics that avoid traditional caveats. Sirui released information on its 75mm, full-frame 1.6:1 anamorphic prime on 1 April. Fools’ day aside, there’s an argument that making anamorphics precise defeats the object, although it’s hard to dislike the horizontal flare rendered in gentle Cooke gold. Clearly, care has been taken to ensure modern

MODERN Sirui’s unique anamorphic (below left); True-Streak Rainbow by Schneider-Kreuznach (below right)

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