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the Alexa 65, we developed our own lens ranges to specifically cover the full image area of the 65mm sensor, and the same is true of the Alexa LF – producing our own lenses for the format, as well as investing in those from leading manufacturers to ensure we offer a wide selection of glass. It is expensive to invest in glass, but the market drives it; you need a wide choice in your inventory to meet the needs of creatives – the right lens could win or lose you a show. Although heavy investment in glass is required to remain competitive, the shelf life of lenses is extraordinary, basically forever. The value of those assets is incredibly important to our business long-term; we have some in our inventory over 70 years old. Moviecam lenses, for example, are from the eighties and were originally brought out to partner Moviecam 35mm cameras. They have full-frame coverage and Arri Rental has

BEARD: It’s a good question, and there is no easy answer. The era of kit being in a fleet five-plus years is rapidly disappearing. Margins have always been incredibly tight and factored on long product life cycles, but this doesn’t fit well with constant development and the introduction of new models and technologies we see today. On the flip side, operating costs are on the up for everybody, and while you might not be able to do anything about rising fuel, electricity or general cost of living, renting gear is tax-deductible. A good way of easing cashflow, but still allowing you to keep up with technology. PRIOR: Glass has always been high on the agenda for us as a rental house, and we’ve evolved our inventory to cover new formats as they’ve emerged. When we entered the large format market with

put them into new housings to give them a new lease of life, offering a vintage look for digital cameras today. The popularity of the Alexa LF saw us expand our inventory to suit that format, as you need lenses that cover the sensor, and this did lead to a shift towards Super 35s – but although still popular, their usage lessened. Now, with the imminent launch of Arri’s Super 35 camera, those lenses will see a rise in popularity again. MARNER: We used to have this problem with cameras; now we have it with lenses! This is a real challenge for a rental company, and it will be interesting to see how many new ones are launched in the next 12-18 months. We have played it safe by opting for the most popular lenses

“Margins have always been incredibly tight and factored on long product life cycles, but this doesn’t fit well with constant development”

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