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DEDICATION Sebastian Stan fasted for 16 to 18 hours a day to lose weight and get closer to the shape of Tommy Lee

were leaked online, in what was called ‘Celebgate’ – including some from Bell’s wedding night. “This was an opportunity to humanise someone who was exploited,” Bell said in a recent interview. ”I felt protective of how Pamela was portrayed.” Pam & Tommy not only reflects on a story of glamour, crime, romance and comedy; it acts as a celebration of female talent in the production world. It brings to the table new cinematography approaches when it comes to ethically depicting a delicate topic – but with a tastefully humorous alacrity. Pam & Tommy is available to stream on Hulu and Disney+

the two ended – and on terrible terms – to this day, they claim to be the love of each other’s lives. SENSITIVE STORYTELLING Completing the triumvirate of female directors, with two episodes, is Lake Bell – who is also enjoying an extensive film and TV acting career. While many people have criticised the show for regurgitating the sex-tape controversy, Bell understood more than most what she was taking on. In 2014, photos and videos of dozens of celebrities

Macintosh computer fuzzily stating in block capitals, ‘The Pamela Anderson sex tape: watch for free!’, heightens this final moment of defeat for the pair. Horder-Payton’s approach to the denouement of the show also pays gentle homage to what was said to be the truth behind their relationship. The closing shots detail Pamela having her ‘Tommy’ knuckle tattoo modified to say ‘Mommy’, following by her standing up, smiling softly to herself, glancing at a poster of Tommy on the wall – she looks on lovingly. A nod to the fact that, although

ON THE RUN The series highlights Anderson’s frustrations with Baywatch, as she struggles to get more than a couple of lines of dialogue at a time – the general focus is on her physical assets

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