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the app. The 10C weighs 170g, but delivers production-level colour rendition using state-of-the-art RGBWW colour-mixing technology. It features a wide bi-colour CCT range of 2700- 7500K, CRI of 95 and TLCI of 97 with GIM adjustments, accurate rendition of 36,000 colours, and 15 fully customisable special effects. Several power supply options are available, including the E27-socket AC input and USB Type C DC input. It can be powered by directly connecting to a standard household outlet. Or by attaching to the magnetic mount adapter, battery adapter or a wired controller exclusively developed for it to achieve a stable power supply. Prices start from £75 for a single bulb, to £1416 for a 12-bulb outfit. Finally, the handholdable Pavotube T8-7X is a lightweight, one-metre LED tube that creates moody atmospheres, stage decorations and more. It provides 36,000 colour variations, uses wireless connectivity and has a built-in battery for cable-free creativity. The T8-7X is available as a single tube for £95, or a four-tube kit with case for £370.

lights also feature a Bowens mount, to provide a broad range of shaping options, a quick-release clamp for easy attachment to stands, and Bluetooth connectivity for precise control from the Nanlink app. Available for pre-order from the end of May, the 720 will retail at £1745, the 720B at £1963. For filmmakers seeking a complete lighting solution, the Pavobulb 10C enables users to set the mood with buttons on the product itself, or via

Nanguang is celebrating its 30th anniversary in style with a range of products, including Nanlite’s brightest spotlight ever. The Forza 720 and 720B ‘redefine performance and value in high-powered lights’, offering 800W power output and average CRI of 95 for the 720, and 96 for the 720B. The key difference between the two is lighting colour. The Forza 720 is Daylight-only, while the 720B is bi-colour, offering a range between 2700K and 6500K. Both

Nanguang Photo and Video Systems was established in 1992, gaining recognition as a key innovator in the design and fabrication of technologically advanced LED systems. Its highly effective and respected range of Nanlite, Nanlink Proud parent

exciting new products. However, it’s our people and customers who remain at the forefront of everything we do. I am immensely grateful for the support over the past three decades, and looking forward to our future together.”

and Nanlux lighting solutions are now sold in over 85 countries. “Our first 30 years have been important,” says managing director Nancy Zheng. “But we now look to the future,

with technological advancements and

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