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Denis Villeneuve’s interpretation of the 1965 Frank Herbert novel sees Dune bridge the gap between blockbuster and art house, with DOP Greig Fraser delivering visuals as spellbinding as the story. It was no surprise, then, that Fraser picked up a coveted gold trophy for best cinematography at this year’s 94th Academy Awards. The busy DOP, whose latest work can be seen in Matt Reeves’ The Batman , had previously been nominated for an Oscar in 2016 for Garth Davis’ Lion , and is set to reunite with Villeneuve for Dune: Part Two , currently in pre-production. Backstage, he talked to press about the sequel: “I can’t give you any scoops… but Part Two is a bigger story. I read the script, and was more blown away than by Part One .” Fraser also spoke about his team, praising those who won Oscars for Dune in editing, production design, visual effects, sound and score, but weren’t recognised in the broadcast. “I understand the economics involved in giving screen time to every facet of a production… but televising these successes would allow young people to see there are more options in film for those that don’t want to be an actor or director.” Throughout a humbled speech, Fraser touched upon the importance of training and education, to encourage race and gender diversity; especially in cinematography, with its stiff reputation as a boy’s club. He explained: “There’s a long lead time in cinematography – you need to learn your craft. So, we’re seeing talent from the early 2010s rise through the ranks. The process for women and minorities to have a voice in the cinematography world has started, and I’m excited to see what will happen ten years from now.” With everything Fraser said, there was a tune of appreciation for his director, ‘Master’ Villeneuve. He concluded his acceptance by saying: “Every story that’s published about my achievement tonight should start with his name – because if the story and characters are right, you can’t help but film something magical.” Sci-fi success DOP Greig Fraser takes home gilded statuette for Dune


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