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STICKING AROUND Newt Scamander inspects one of the fantastic beasts of the film’s title

“Testing can be done in a million ways,” he continues. “But I find this easy to show to the directors and producers, exemplifying what I can or can’t do with their intentions. From there, you can settle on the quality of the blacks and highlights – and what we would call warm or cold. It creates a toolbox of parameters to move forward with.” Richmond was professional about not giving anything away, but he did reveal a favourite scene that places Newt Scamander in China. While we’re looking forward to seeing the film head back to Hogwarts and reignite some nostalgia in fans of the Harry Potter series, we can’t wait to explore magical communities elsewhere in the world. Fantastic Beasts

has already given us the French and American equivalent of the Ministry of Magic, and will only continue to expand on the wizarding world, as it follows the quest to end Grindelwald’s plan for superiority. Like all totalitarian leaders, we assume his plans are global. Richmond explains the beauty of the shot and why he rates it so highly: “It’s the opening scene, Newt arriving in China

and heading into a bamboo forest – and the way it’s shot makes it my favourite. He is on his raft and, as he steps off and walks toward the forest, the camera pans up and gives a close-up. It’s very Indiana Jones, which wasn’t the style we were going for, but in that sense it’s quite fun and cinematic.” Fantastic Beasts is out now

Production Fact File

LOCATION Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden hosted much of production on the feature

CAST Johnny Depp shot just the one scene before he was told to leave

SCHEDULE Filming was pushed back a year due to the pandemic

15. MAY 2022

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