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A MAGIC MIXTURE Characters from the prequel series collide with imagery from the original Harry Potter films

ensure they were symbiotic with the period sets, costumes, hair and makeup. He explains: “I spoke with the art department and asked if they could build a two-walled set to look into with the camera. One wall would contain a window, and inside would be soft furnishings with all their different textures, as well as candles and other

what they should do as the technology changes and evolves.” SETTING THE PERIOD Shooting on a larger, more filmic sensor with anamorphic lenses was a perfect fit for the setting, cast against a thirties backdrop. But Richmond still took them through a rigorous testing process, to

types of light, like oil lamps. Characters would also be coming in and out in costume. In this set we had put together for testing, we would run through it with a lighting chase that had differently coloured key lights, fill lights, back lights and top lights, experimenting with colour temperatures and playing around with lenses to see how they’d react. We’d try as many variations as possible, before pushing it to make the images break and understand the limits of our ideas.

GLOBETROTTING The Secrets of Dumbledore takes viewers to far-flung locations, with some intriguing new faces

13. MAY 2022

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