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An ear for video Whether you’re taking your first steps towards moving images or looking to spruce up your tired video rig, one of these mics from Sennheiser could be just what you’re looking for… ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE

ABOVE The MKE 200 offers a professionally designed take on a simple classic

CAN’T DECIDE WHAT to buy the passionate image maker in your life this holiday season? Perhaps the special someone you’re buying for is you? In either case, one of these top-quality mics from Sennheiser is primed and ready to serve as the perfect gift. Take it from us, they’re award-worthy in our eyes. Virtually any relatively modern DSLR or mirrorless camera can produce exceptionally high-quality video, but the simple fact is that they’re not designed for sound. Whether you’re looking to expand upon your stills photography with some exploration of video or you’re an enthusiast with a set-up that just isn’t cutting it, your first investment should be an external microphone. After all, it’s not just what we see, but what we hear that adds a professional gloss of realism and impact to video content. There’s something to suit any need across this selection, so leave it to audio specialist Sennheiser to deliver the magic of sparkling audio this year. SIMPLE YET SUPERIOR It’s highly likely your camera packs a punch when it comes to video specs. Even your smartphone has the ability to shoot video in crisp

“Your first investment should be an external microphone”

4K resolution, so why shouldn’t it sound as good as it looks? Well, the Sennheiser MKE 200 offers just that. The MKE 200 offers a professionally designed take on a simple classic, and it does it very well indeed. That’s why it’s up for best video accessory in our awards this year. The directional mic brings presence to your voice and offers strong all-round potential. With a built-in windscreen and integrated shock mount, your recordings will sound cleaner than ever before. Its rugged design is durable, but sleek and compact enough for DSLRs, mirrorless bodies and smartphones, making it an ideal take-anywhere audio upgrade. The mic itself comes complete with a furry windshield, a TRS cable for cameras and a TRRS cable for smartphones, plus a neat storage bag for easy transportation. THE NATURAL APPROACH Sennheiser’s MKE 440 stereo microphone delivers picture-perfect stereo sound. It allows you to capture sound from the subject

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