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Full-frame frenzy The camera world has suddenly fallen back in love with the 24x36mm format

The launch of full-frame mirrorless camera systems from Canon and Nikon has taken up a great many column inches in PN already and now they have been joined by Leica, Panasonic, Sigma and Zeiss. At last month’s Photokina, a major imaging exhibition in Germany, the new kit from Canon and Nikon attracted huge crowds. The Zeiss ZX1 was also unveiled at the show and the collaboration between Leica, Panasonic and Sigma was announced. More news about the ZX1 is on page 4, but it is safe to say that Zeiss’ approach to full-frame is innovative with internal memory and in-camera Lightroom Raw editing. The pre-Photokina rumours were that Panasonic was going to unveil a mirrorless full-frame camera and, as is often the case, the gossip was pretty accurate. But in fact two Panasonic cameras were announced – the Lumix S1 and S1R. As you would expect, given that Panasonic is a major Micro Four Thirds player with no DSLR 35mm format pedigree, a new lens mount would be needed, but what was a surprise was that the mount was the result of a powerful coming together of three major imaging names to form the L-Mount Alliance. Leica, Panasonic and Sigma will develop their full-frame products independently and according to their own individual brand values with the

More ‘super full-frame’ kit fromFujifilm

Fujifilmhas announced a rangefinder style 50-megapixel medium- format camera called the GFX 50R, due to go on sale later this year. It was during the launch of the GFX 50R that the 43.8x32.9mm format, which is 1.7x bigger than 35mm, was referred to as

a ‘super full-frame’. You can pre-order this camera now and the body price is £3999. Fujifilm also revealed its 100-megapixel camera, the GFX 100. This is heading our way in 2019.

L-Mount, a mount developed by Leica, a common characteristic. As we understand it, it is not an open standard so other brands can’t adopt the L-Mount without the Alliance’s agreement. Of course, this is very early days so watch this space for more L-Mount news.

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