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48 Competition

N F I L T E R O R D G A Q E S P U O R G N A B A R R E L H E I Z G C G S R U C J S B B J C F S P L T U H K K O O R A F Q C R H X G H S O L H O Y T E M F H H N G F E O H Y P T E A T C S L L F T P A L D C O C X M G E Y E E E I A G L C D N N N M I R T D A I V I I V E U C I P O H R N O S N F L N J R O P G Y C T L E G E U X H S L X S A S A L N Q V R O H M R R F H G Z N D L Y Z E A G Z B L B L R G Q Capture life’s magical moments across all devices with the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB microSDXC memory card with SD adapter offering read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Samsung’s latest cards are also ultra reliable and are water, temperature, X-ray and magnet proof, so shooting in the most challenging conditions isn’t an issue.We have one 256GBSamsungEVOPlusmicroSDXCcardwithSDadapterworth£74.99 for the eagle-eyed winner. Complete the word search below, and you’ll find one word in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on with that word in the subject box by 12 May 2019 and the winner will be randomly drawn from all correct entries received. The correct answer to PN 63’sword searchwas Import and the Samsung 256GBEVO Plus cardwas won byDerekMellor fromSomerset. A Samsung memory card! WIN!

Editor’s letter One hell of a show

Many thanks to the thousands of you who came along to The Photography Show at the NEC and picked up a free copy of Photography News . It was great to meet so many readers, new and old. PN is 65 issues old, so we have been around for more than five years, yet many people have never heard of us. Because we are a free publication, we do not appear on newsstands sowe are not in WHSmith and supermarkets. Awareness is something we are continuing to build on and of course it helps if you spread the word, too, so please mention PN to your photographer friends. Less than 48 hours after leaving the NEC I was on a plane for Venice, one of my favourite cities in the whole world for the simple reason that there is so much to photograph there. I went there for a week last year and was exhausted by the time I got home. This year was no different, and as I write this on the plane home my aches have aches. My shooting plan this year was simple: to continue working onmy projects. I have

one on tourists enjoying St Mark’s Square and another on gondoliers. I was keen on some night shooting, too. Yes, I know there’s nothing startlingly original or new here, but that is irrelevant with personal projectswhere youdefine your own parameters of success. I wanted to shoot Venice at night last year, but I made the mistake of going when it was warmer and there were many more people around late. Going earlier this year definitely helped and the streets were quieter even from 9pm – obviously the popular areas and busy thoroughfares didn’t get quiet until the wee early hours. On the five nights I spent out late, I got a good selection

of work and enough images to at least give my project a solid foundation – and I’m already thinking about an autumn return. A U-turn back to TPS and another photography hotspot: London. One subject I could not escape was Photo 24, which centres on London. We’ve had six Photo 24s and the event has built up a loyal and committed (mad!) group of fans. As I write this, we do not have a sponsor for this event, but even if we do not, as I explained to everyone who asked, we will at the very least host an informal meet-up in London in June. Ourmeet-upmight not have the polish and razzamatazz of Photo 24, but I think the chance to meet and share the experience is worthwhile. I’ll put something on the PN website, on Facebook and here in print when decisions have beenmade. Until the next time, have a great month.

Aperture Barrel Cap Circles Cloth

Coating Depth Elements

Fluorine Focusing

Hood Iris Rear Shade Single

Front Glass Groups

Filter Flare

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