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Nothing says ‘presentation’ quite like a framed print. Don’t believe us? Just take a look around your local art gallery; seldom will you see pictures without a frame, because adding the edge defines the photo and completes it; without one, pics can look raggedy, like posters on a teenager’s bedroom wall. The range of frames on the market is huge, so to help you out, here’s a nice example from Dunns – the Swept Frame range, which have a pleasingly sculpted and intricate Rococo edges. There are two patterns available, are finished in black or off-white and the moulded detailing gives them a classic, classy look without straying into anything too ostentatious. Available in a broad range of sizes to meet your requirements; the frames are either 2in or 3in wide and run from 16x20in through to 36x48in in size. Ordering is easy via Dunns’ online system and after picking a frame size and orientation you select a mount style (single or double, the latter of which adds just over £1 extra to your order) and colour, again in black or white. Prices include the printed image itself, and a 2in thick 16x20in frame, with mount will only set you back around £45 plus delivery; the largest 3in thick 36x48in frame is about £115. Dunns Imaging Swept frames As anyone who’s done it will know, producing great images from your inkjet printer is dependent on many factors, not least of which are your skills as a printmaker, the performance of the machine and inks you’re using, and – of course – the quality of the paper you’re putting through it. This Canson Infinity Photo Lustre Premium Resin Coated 310gsm stock is a great example of a high- quality media that certainly takes care of the paper side of things at least, leaving you to worry about the rest. But don’t just take our word for it, TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) think so too. It was the recipient for Best Inkjet Photo Paper at this year’s TIPA awards. Canson Infinity Photo Lustre is made from bright, white acid-free alpha-cellulose stock and its coating provides a beautifully lustrous surface for your prints. Compatible with both pigment and dye-based inks, its microporous surface means it dries very quickly and it’s also designed to have a very long lifespan, so you can expect to avoid fading or warping of the tones in your precious photographs. As you’d expect from a professional-level paper, it’s also very strong and the 310gsm weight tops off the high-quality feel making it easier to mount and withstand damage when handling. Canson Infinity Photo Lustre This cracking little presentation package offers a superb solution for delivering your images, no- matter who the client is. It’s also got great gift appeal for friends and family, too. If you’re a working photographer, then it’s the sort of thing you can make part of your package, using it as a free sample of shots, which customers could then order larger versions of, and for weddings in particular it’s a really nice way for a couple to share shots without their relatives and friends needing to commit to a much larger format. What you get for your money is a compact but high-quality photo book with a proper photographic feel, covering up to 30 spreads, double-sided, as well as a personalised 8GB USB stick containing all the images on the pages. Both are presented in an archival box, which not only looks good but prevents shelf-wear on the book itself. The book is offered in landscape format at a size of 9x6in, which is a little larger than A5, and the presentation box comes in at 13x7in with the USB neatly held alongside it. The leatherette book cover, box and the USB stick can be printed with a title or cover design (there are 27 of these professional-looking motifs, covering baby, boudoir, wedding, kids & family and lifestyle), and there are 21 colours available. Loxley Colour Book&USB box

CONTACT: Here’s a nice idea from Permajet; a neat way of creating a book from your prints, but crucially one in which you can remove and refresh the content at any time. Available in sizes to hold pages from A5 to A3+, the Snapshut Folio secures pictures with a flexible, glue-free hinge. This means it’s perfect for wedding proof portfolios or events work, where you can build up a book of images with clients on the fly. Alternatively, it’s a great looking way to catalogue an ongoing photo project, or archive monthly competitions at your camera club. The Snapshut stores anything from a single page, up to 100 sheets of plain paper or around 50 leaves of inkjet stock, based on a 250gsm weight, so with something like Permajet’s Oyster 271gsm (which won The Societies Best Inkjet Media award for 2014) you’d get close to that number. Of course, if you use something thicker, like Permajet’s FB Gold Silk 315gsm fine-art baryta paper you’ll have to reconcile using fewer pages. From that point of view using double-sided papers can also be a good idea. Operation is a simple matter of folding the two covers back on themselves to release the hinge, inserting the pages you want to use and then folding back. The book is available in a scratch-resistant leather-effect or smooth finish and in black or cream Dealing principally with pro photographers and artists, Procanvas places real emphasis on quality, advice and customer service, allowing a great range of choice, bespoke features and attention to detail. After creating an account, you select between a deep (2in) or narrow (1.25in) frame, depending on whether you want a chunky look or a more low-profile affair. Next, you pick the size and choose a finish from three museum-grade varnishes (matte, satin or gloss), which protect from scuffs and moisture (and can be wiped with a damp cloth if required). At this stage you can also add notes to the order, requesting for instance whether the image should be wrapped around the edges, or to have a border there. After ordering and paying via Sagepay, you can upload via a web page, email or send shots via an FTP route. Pricing, of course, depends on your choices. Canvases start at 8x8in (£27), but a typical 18x24in is an affordable £60. Images are printed on canvas that’s free from brightening agents and therefore muchmore long-lasting. Completing the package, the jointed frames combine strength and straightness thanks to using European Redwood pine and are taped and bumpered ready for hanging. Permajet Snapshut Folio With a photobook, design is a big concern; your pictures could be top-class, but without proper attention to layout, they may not be shown to best effect. The Impress lay flat book from One Vision helps by solving a particular design problem: pictures running across a spread. Traditionally you’ll find important parts of the picture falling into the ‘gutter’ between pages and getting hidden by the bend in the paper. This looks particularly bad on portraits, but the Impress lay flat photobook promises a seamless, gutter-free experience; thanks to specialist finishing there’s no break and images can be run across two pages without concern. Books are ordered though One Vision’s easy to use ‘Creator’ software with pages printed on 296gsm stock and topped off with a classic lustre finish. Available in 10 colours with textured cotton- style wrap-around covers and spines, sizes run to A4, A5 and 8x8in and can include 10-30 spreads; you’re looking at £55 for a 10 spread A5 version, with each extra spread adding £1. Creating a very nice impression for clients (or anyone else), the books come in a presentation box and you can tie them up with a personalised ribbon (at £6), too. Classy stuff. OneVision Impress photobooks Procanvas canvas prints CONTACT:

from £14

from £55

Even very dark prints hold the inks well, so you should avoid a loss of detail in the shadows and highlights and retain fine detail. Available in sizes from A4 to A3+ and also a whopping 17x22in you can also get it in rolls up to 60in wide for large-format printing. A typical A4 or A3 box of 25 sheets will set you back around £14/28.


from £99

Ordering is about as easy as it gets, via Loxley’s downloadable ‘Designer Pro’ software and pricing depends on the number of spreads and whether you require the extra hard-wearing UV printing to personalise the package; prices start at £99, based on a book containing 10 spreads, rising to £124 for the full 30, and UV printing costs an additional £10.

from £27


from £45

from £10

colouring. It also comes in portrait or landscape format and in thicknesses of 15mm or 25mm, the former holding around 35 inkjet pages to the latter’s 50. Price-wise, you’re looking at around £10/15 for the 15/25mm spine A5 book, £15/£20 for the A4 and £30/35 for the A3 version, so it’s an affordable and adaptable presentation idea.

Adding an edge defines the photo and completes it; without it, pics look raggedy



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