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The RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM is Canon’s widest lens yet for its mirrorless system Canon goes very wide

THE INGENUITY AND resourcefulness of the photo industry never ceases to amaze me. You only have to look at two big stories in this issue: the Nikon Z fc ( featured on the front cover) and the Kase Double GND filter. The Nikon Z fc looks to be a fine camera, but – honestly – it’s nothing exceptional in terms of the technology packed within. The retro look, though, is fascinating. While it is thoroughly modern inside, the exterior was inspired by the Nikon FM2 – a camera that came out in 1982. I had to double- check my sums, but that’s nearly four decades ago, and I actually bought one. Makes me feel very old. It’s actually a camera I still have, because I loved it so much. It’s mechanical, therefore very reliable, and great to use because it is fully manual, so totally engaging. It was quiet for an SLR, too – until you fitted the MD-11 motor drive that is, when you got a click-whirr to beat all click-whirrs. I’ve no idea of Nikon’s roadmap, but given that it’s probably not best pleased with the current sales of its mirrorless cameras, I’d imagine it has high expectations for the Z fc. Literally, as I was writing up the Nikon story, a package came through my letterbox from Kase Filters. Inside was the Double GND 0.9S&H, which intrigued me so much, I took it out for a test straight away – read my thoughts on page 33. Spoiler alert: I think it’s a really clever idea, and it works. One filter to replace two, or – if you buy both Double GNDs – two filters instead


of four. Of course, while that’s a saving from the photographer’s perspective, Kase is potentially depriving itself of a few sales, too, so I wonder if it’s an idea other filter brands will adapt. I’ve managed to get out a few times with the camera and just had a very busy weekend. An afternoon in a fox hide yielded 500 very average shots; then I went on an organised portrait shoot and managed another load of average pictures. Next, it was Kew Gardens and a further 500 that will probably end up gathering dust on a hard drive. Oh, I rounded off the weekend with 500-ish shots of planes. We were driving on a Heathrow perimeter road when one came right over and touched down. My partner lives in the area, so this was an everyday event to her, but I got very excited. I parked up and spent an hour racking up the shutter actuation count of my Nikon as planes approached to land. It was awesome. So, lots of average shots, but after 18 months of relative inactivity with the camera, I was delighted just to be creating again. I hope your shutter finger has also been busy – and with a better success rate. Until next month, stay safe.

COMPLETING CANON’S RF trinity of f/4 constant aperture zooms, the RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM is the widest offering to date for its mirrorless system. Users can now cover a focal length range from 14mm up to 200mm by investing in Canon’s trio of compact and lightweight f/4 lenses. The RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM weighs 540g, has a Nano USM motor for fast, smooth and very quiet AF, and accepts 77mm filters, like the other two f/4 zooms. Minimum focusing is just 20cm, so you can get in close for dynamic compositions. Optically, its advanced construction features three aspherical and three UD elements (one element is both) to ensure critical quality from edge to edge. Exceptional image clarity in tricky lighting is helped by Canon’s

own Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) and Air Sphere Coating (ASC) to avoid flare and ghosting, and maintain contrast. Autofocus is handled by Canon’s Nano USM drive

THENTHEREWERETHREE Canon’s trinity of EOS RF f/4 zooms is complete, with the arrival of the 14-35mm

for fast and very quiet focusing. Meanwhile, quality for stills and video is also assisted by the integral IS, which has a 5.5EV benefit, increasing to 7EV when used on the IBIS-equipped Canon EOS R5/R6. The RF 14-35mm f/4L IS USM is priced at £1749.


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