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Making the leap into charging for people photography leaves a lot to think about. This in-depth guide will illustrate how to make it work for you Face facts

T HE PANDEMIC HAS had a huge impact on social photography, but the demand for wedding and portrait photography will always be there and, as sure as day follows night, it will bounce back. This month, Photography News turns its spotlight on social photography, If you’re planning to focus on portraits, it helps to have a style that’s distinctive and you enjoy. Sticking to this will make you more attractive to clients, and while you can bend your skills to shoot stuff outside your interest, consistently doing what you like best will make it more satisfying creatively. Fortunately, you’re likely already well on the way to finding that identity. It could be a visual style you favour, like making exposures that are light and airy, or deep and dramatic. It might be the subjects you choose, like specialising in kids and families, or even pets. Or it could be a way of working, maybe shooting with a documentary- style or more formal approach. Whatever your chosen line, practise as much as possible, refine your skills, and fill your portfolio with coherent, high-quality images – that’s one of the aspects that will get you seen and hired. Work on your style Our thanks to Emma Healey, for her people images featured here. Enjoy more of her work at the following site: www.

addressing all the key products and support services that image makers need to succeed in this challenging field. From core technique to vital kit, we’ll cover great accessories, marketing and output, including prints and albums. So, if you’re an aspiring wedding or portrait photographer, dive right in.

Start shooting lifestyle or environmental

These styles are growing more and more popular, with many families no longer keen on posed shots in a studio or formal location, preferring you to photograph them on a day out – like playing on the beach or walking in the woods. It’s especially fashionable for clients to take advantage of seasonal conditions, such as spring flowers or autumn colours.

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