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Chris Upton Chris is a FujifilmX-Photographer renowned for his scenic and social documentary images. His move to Fujifilmmirrorless cameras started in 2013 when he bought an X-E1 and a couple of lenses to use alongside his DSLR kit, but it didn’t take long to switch over totally. With the lockdown, Photography News got the chance to catch up with him and have a chat about his work


Chris Upton: I use a variety of cameras, including the X-T3, X-H1 and the tiny X-E3, which I use with the wonderful f/2 prime lenses. My workhorse lens is the Fujifilm XF16-55mm f/2.8, equivalent to a 24-83mm in full-frame. My other ‘red badge’ lens is the Fujifilm XF50- 140mm f/2.8. These lenses are so good with their fast apertures, robust build, weather resistance and stunning image quality. The excellent XF10- 24mm f/4 makes up the ‘holy trinity’ of lenses that I normally work with. PN: What was it that appealed to you about the FujifilmX Series? Chris Upton: I loved the compact style and retro design, the lighter weight and build quality. But it’s the intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes these cameras such a joy to use, with all the main features and controls available on the outside of the camera without the need to dive into menus. Ultimately, though, it’s the wonderful image quality of the X Series, with the almost filmic feel, that just makes me want to take pictures. PN: Our readers will be keen to know about your camera set-up. Which exposure mode, focus setting, ISO speed etc do you use? Chris Upton: This varies depending on whether I’m shooting using a tripod or handholding. With a tripod, I’ll use the native ISO 200 for best file

Photography News: Let’s start at the beginning. Could you briefly explain who you are and what your day job is, please? Chris Upton: I am a professional photographer based in Nottinghamshire, specialising in travel, landscape and social documentary photography. I’m an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and proud to be a Fujifilm X-Photographer. PN: You are known for your landscape and travel photography – how did you start out? Chris Upton: My love of photography started in my teens when I used my camera to record walking and climbing trips to the Peak District and Lake District. As my knowledge developed and my results improved, I walked less and photographed more. Joining a camera club and the shift towards digital was a pivotal moment in my photographic journey. PN: You’re a Fujifilm X-Photographer, so we can safely assume you use Fujifilm camera kit. What do you take out with you when you go shooting?

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