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magewell.com MAGEWELL

FLEXIBLE CONVERTERS Magewell has introduced three new models to its Pro Convert range of encoders and decoders. The Pro Convert 12G SDI 4K Plus encoder converts 4K/60fps, 12G-SDI input signals into full-bandwidth NDI streams, while the Pro Convert for NDI to SDI and Pro Convert H.26x to SDI decoders transform NDI, H.264 or H.265 streams into high-quality SDI outputs for connection to monitors, projectors and legacy equipment. “Our Pro Convert NDI encoders and decoders were among the first products of their kind, and have earned an enviable reputation for being the most flexible and reliable such converters on the market,” said Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell. The new additions bring the Pro Convert decoder family to seven models. They join HD and 4K NDI and streaming-only models with HDMI interfaces, and the Pro Convert AIO RX NDI decoder with both HDMI and 3G-SDI outputs. “We’re pleased to bring these benefits to a wider range of users and equipment with our new SDI-output decoders and 12G-SDI encoder model.”

scality.com SCALITY

RING8 THE YEAR Scality has recently announced its Ring8 platform for scale-out file and object storage software. Ring customers are given the advantage of an all-flash solution centred on one platform, being measured to fill the bandwidth of a 40GbE network to a cluster of six HPE Apollo 4200 servers. This equates to storing and serving thousands of high-resolution image files each second. In turn, this results in a much faster storage system, integrated hybrid-cloud data management and high levels of data durability. “With the declining cost curves and increasing densities of flash media, customers can use Ring’s scalability and ultra-high data durability alongside the ability to fully leverage all-flash for their high- performance requirements,” said Giorgio Regni, CTO and co-founder of Scality. An all-flash Ring deployed on a cluster of six servers can typically achieve over 10GB/s of throughput, and with performance increasing as Ring cluster sizes grow, Scality customers have substantial headroom to deploy scalable systems.

apantac.com APANTAC

AMPLIFYING APANTAC Manufacturer of multiviewers, video walls extension and signal processing solutions, Apantac, has added two new cards to its line of openGear distribution amplifiers. The OG-DA-8-UHD and OG-DA-4-UHD now include 12G support for UHD applications. The models include 1x4 and 1x8 distribution amplifiers for auto-detected 12G/6G/3G/

HD/SD-SDI signals and are designed specifically for the OGX/3.0 card-based openGear platform. These cost-effective designs split one 12G signal into four or eight and are useful in almost any broadcast or professional AV environment where clean signal splitting is required over long cable runs. Cable reach is up to 70 meters for 12G, up to 100 meters for 6G and up to 140 meters for 3G signals.



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