FEED Winter 2020/21 Web

The year 2020 was full of challenges, but it was also a chance to innovate and take stock. We asked some of our friends in media tech about their experiences

7fivefive Tim Burton Managing director

What was your biggest lesson in 2020? At the start of the year, we had a mixture of client requirements. Some projects were service-based and others focused on hardware installation. After the pandemic hit, we saw standard on-site hardware delivery drop off, but there was an increasing need for service-led systems integration. We’ve realised that it’s possible to achieve significant change when suppliers and customers are willing to change with you. The industry has collectively adapted to the challenges of 2020 and that has led to our clients taking some big leaps forward in their cloud-based infrastructure. What was your proudest moment? How well our team worked through the challenges to enable transformation for our clients. It meant that we didn’t need to defer any resources or furlough anyone during lockdown. It also meant we could ensure our clients and their editing teams continued to output great creative content from their own homes.

What will December 2021 be like for your business?

That’s a tough question to answer in December 2020, let alone in December 2021! But regardless of what’s happening in the industry, I’ll be celebrating how resilient and resourceful our team continues to be. What one piece of media tech do you wish someone would invent? A broader use of open-source technology, rather than companies having to reinvent the wheel. If teams could get 80% of what they need from open- source, and then engineer the last 20%, I think we’d see some really interesting innovations over a shorter period of time. Best thing(s) you watched this year? It was definitely the second season of Drive to Survive . It’s the Netflix series that goes behind the scenes of Formula One and it gives a great insight into the world of racing.


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