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how far should it go? How narrow or how wide? How should a cost-benefit analysis be carried out, depending on the needs of an organisation?” The first generation of broadcast industry outsourcing came about as a means to reduce costs while increasing workflow efficiency and ensuring operational standards with a five nines guarantee through SLA’s. As broadcasters started to

the entire supply chain. What can you rationalise in-house, so you have an effective outsource relationship? Often, the piece you’re outsourcing isn’t always where you save costs. It’s the pieces in-house that you have to streamline, clarify and simplify, in order for you to effectively engage with your outsourced partners.” The Red Bee report underlines two points that

the industry should consider for a better outsourcing experience. First, service providers need to be able to demonstrate the benefits of outsourcing and enable frictionless onboarding experiences to cloud-based platforms. Market demands for efficiency and agility should be met with plug-and-play solutions, so clients can get started quickly.

release their hold on in-house operations, their cost savings from outsourcing might have been as high as 20-25%. Now, with infrastructures already tending towards the diverse, the savings are more subtle. Whereas it used to be a no-brainer, outsourcing now requires some brains to make the most of it. Businesses need to be looking at how


Second, commercial models need to be redefined with an emphasis on agile pricing models, offering more short-term contracts, in order to lower entry barriers. With technology and consumer behaviours developing at very high speed, long- term contracts only serve to impede customers and suppliers, hindering the very agility and flexibility that outsourcing as a concept hopes to bring. Read the report at redbeemedia.com/redefining- outsourcing-in-media

outsourcing partners are going to help them get to market faster, including how to spin up infrastructure to get content to consumers. They should also ensure that an outsourced environment has the same levels of agility, flexibility and adaptibility that they feel when they do things independently. And, of course, there is cost. “You need to look at your outlay on a total cost of ownership basis,” states Davies. “It’s looking at


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