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we’ve wanted to look at recently is our pricing, so we can ensure we’re able to be extremely competitive and accommodate a range of scenarios. A benefit of the Sparks model is having a musical building block already in place. We’ve already seen this shorten the feedback and iteration process considerably, which in turn brings down the costs involved and lets us share that saving with our clients. What is the next step? We have a number of amazing ideas, from functionality in the roadmap from AI helping music search and discovery, to ways of making the feedback and iteration process a breeze. The next step is to start incorporating these useful tools into the platform. We’re also continuously exploring and searching for new groundbreaking talent to join our artist roster. Currently, we have a tight and

What is the company’s origin story? About five years ago, I started a music composition company, creating music for TV ads and online content. We hit the ground running, working with big global brands and renowned creative agencies. But after a year or so, we started to see the same challenges crop up again and again. Crazy turnaround requirements (overnight, at times), music brief subjectivity (my ‘jazzy’ may not be your ‘jazzy’) and an extremely competitive landscape that played artists and composers against each other. The foundation and concept of Sparks started to gradually build, until late last year, when I stopped everything and properly mapped out what Sparks was. After about six months of testing and getting feedback on an early version of the platform, I put the brand in place and built something that was ready for a wider audience to experience. What is Sparks? We’re not a music library – we’re a catalogue of musical ideas, used to kickstart a collaboration between creative and composer. What is the company working on right now? With Covid-19 halting film production for a while, we’re fully aware agencies and production companies are fighting with time frames and budgets at the moment. With this in mind, one area

extremely curated selection of artists. These hail from New York and wider regions of the US, right through to Stockholm and, of course, from the UK, too.

What does the company need most right now?

As with any start-up in its infancy, we’re constantly learning and evolving. The more helpful information and feedback we receive from our clients, the more we can build Sparks into something that’s genuinely useful and helps our artists and clients work together to make great work. As we just launched, we are also currently trying to get the platform in front of as many people as possible and build the momentum. It’s really exciting to bring people together to create something – because that’s what the brand is all about, finding the universal language of creativity.


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