FEED Winter 2020/21 Web

ith cloud becoming a reliable part of the content pipeline, content makers are looking for better ways to get their video into the cloud, regardless of its format or origin. The solution is Bridge

of 1080 60p HD simultaneously or one channel of UltraHD 60p. Supported codecs include H.264 (AVC, MPEG-4), H.265 (HEVC) and MPEG-2, with JPEG 2000 (VSF TR01) available as an add-on. SRT with encryption ensures secure and reliable video streams across networks or the public internet. A range of additional supported transport containers and protocols, include RTMPS, RTP, UDP and MPEG-TS, with adaptive bit rate (ABR) ladder profiles and hand-off for OTT packaging. You can set and forget Bridge Live and it will continue to work in the background, converting uncompressed video to and from live compressed streams. The low-profile (1RU) box is easily rack-

Live from AJA, in partnership with Comprimato. Bridge Live is a dependable and secure solution for transport of Ultra HD and multichannel HD video via the public internet with an assortment of codec options and secure transport protocols. Four 12G-SDI connections, which are backwards- compatible with 6G/3G-SDI, bring video into Bridge Live, where Comprimato software can encode and/or decode and transcode up to four channels

ooking at the AJA/Audinate partnership reminds you of having two friends who you know would be great together, but are missing that one vital connection – there’s so much potential, but a small bridge is missing. It’s lucky for their relationship, then, that AJA and Audinate have built that bridge, in the form of OG-DANTE-12GAM. Audinate’s Dante audio networking solution forgoes point-to-point analogue and digital connections in favour of networking over a standard IP network to deliver lossless audio with near-zero latency. The OG-DANTE-12GAM card is a Dante audio embedder/disembedder that bridges the gap between SDI and the Dante networking environment. With dual 12G-SDI input and output connections, OG- DANTE-12GAM provides 32 channels of audio embedding and 32 channels of disembedding simultaneously,



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