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roadcast’s transition from hardware- oriented workflows towards a greater reliance on software and virtualised solutions has been an accelerating trend for several years now. For Mark Davies, director of products & technology at TSL

Products, the change is driven in large part by the dramatic rise in processing power and the potential this has opened up for multipurpose solutions. “Until recently, there was a tendency to have traditional 1U boxes to carry out each individual function,” Davies explains. “But with the improvements in processing technology, it’s become apparent that the actual amount of processing power in each box is not being utilised – especially if it’s only being used to run one application. A single box to run multiple applications from one vendor is one answer here, but a better approach is provided by the whole concept of virtualisation, which allows customers to pick the ‘best of breed’ in every single application and then run them all on one hardware platform.” Recognising that virtualisation is a win-win for customers both in terms of space and energy efficiency, TSL Products has introduced multiple virtualised solutions recently. This includes InSite, a data centre infrastructure monitoring (DCIM) program with virtualised and configurable power management solutions that can monitor all aspects of a facility network from a centralised point. With real-time web-based dashboards, alarming via email or SMS and detailed reporting, InSite connects to IP devices and communicates the status, control and alarm parameters available over SNMP or Modbus. TSL has also developed a new range of Intelligent power distribution units (PDUs), which can be

TSL Products is set to consolidate its presence in the virtualised solutions market with a forthcoming launch of power management and distribution products


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