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VanguardVEO 3GO265HCB PRICE: £229.99


SPECS ›  Price £229.99

›  In the box Tripod, BH-150 ball head, smartphone connector, smartphone remote control, low-angle adapter, tripod bag, spiked feet and QS-64 quick- release plate ›  Legs material Carbon fibre

›  Load capacity 10kg ›  Folded length 41cm

Making the most of a tripod, tip number one: have it with you. Vanguard’s latest travel pod has all the credentials to be your constant companion

›  Leg sections Five, twist locks ›  Leg angles Three – 21°, 50°, 80° ›  Max height 126cm (centre column down) 166.5cm (centre column extended) ›  Minimum height 57cm (to camera platform) 21cm (with low-angle adapter) ›  Monopod leg Yes ›  Reversible centre column Yes ›  Bubble level One, on BH-150 head ›  Weight 1.4kg with head ›  Head BH-150 ball head ›  Plate fitting Arca-Swiss ›  Contact


VANGUARD’S VEO 3GO series won a 2021 TIPA World Award – this is a tripod family held in high regard. The 265HCB is a nicely-featured, carbon-fibre travel tripod, complete with the BH-150 ball head. For maximum portability, the legs reverse fold to fit happily inside a roller case or large backpack. Rubber feet come as standard; these can be pulled off and replaced with the supplied spiked feet, if preferred. There was nothing to stop the leg sliding up into the next one, which was the only downside using the spiked feet. One leg can be detached and joined with the centre column to make a 78cm monopod – even before extension. The kit comes with a smartphone adapter and Bluetooth remote trigger. The monopod makes it well suited for selfies and vlogging. Vanguard supplies a ballast hook, that needs removing to withdraw the centre column, which can be reversed. Or it can be replaced by a short centre column, also supplied, for low-level shooting. There’s a 1/4in screw thread in the short column. Therefore, you need to use the supplied 1/4in to 3/8in adapter to fit the ball head. In the low-level shooting position, the adapter stayed fixed on the short column as I removed the ball head. That was handy for the next time, and I didn’t have to worry about losing it.


The five-section legs work smoothly, the twist-leg locks were secure – even with modest pressure – and there was no leg slip when I pushed my body weight on the tripod’s shoulder. Full extension, without using any centre column, got my Nikon Z 7’s eyepiece up to 132cm. I had to crouch slightly to use the EVF, but that’s the sort of height I usually shoot from. Stability rates highly. For extra height, an extended carbon centre column gets the camera eyepiece up to 174cm – I had to be on my toes to see through the EVF. Naturally, stability at this height is less good, but it’s perfectly usable. Giving the camera a good tap, it took about ten seconds for it to settle down. Therefore, it’s best to use the self-timer or a remote release. At the other extreme, minimum working height is 66cm; but swap the standard column for the short and the camera’s eyepiece is just 32cm from ground level.

I greatly enjoyed the 265HCB and took it on a couple of long nature rambles, using it with the Sigma 150-600mm zoom. Both the pod and head worked well with it. I wasn’t shooting long exposures and just needed support; I had the ball head slightly loose to adjust the camera, and reframe shots easily. The pod worked just fine. I shot with a standard zoom fitted with an extreme ND filter using exposures of up to one minute. On a pretty calm day, I got pin-sharp shots with the centre column fully extended and down. Good technique, as always, helps to get quality results, though, especially when the tripod is at full extension. WC

Verdict The Vanguard VEO 3GO 265HCB is a terrific tripod: portable, capable and versatile. Tremendous value, too. It’s definitely one for the shortlist. This pod’s small size belies its massive potential.

PERFECT PACKAGE Reverse fold the 265HCB’s legs and the tripod measures 41cm – short enough to fit in a roller case or large backpack

PROS Impressive maximum height for the tripod size,

accessories supplied, great portability and very good stability

CONS The final leg can slide up into the next one when the spiked feet are on

LOWERYOUR EXPECTATIONS Removing the centre column and replacing it with the supplied short column means the VEO 3GO 265HCB can get the camera down to 32cm

See PAGE 10 for the chance to WIN A Vanguard VEO 3GO 265HCB of your own

CHANGE OF FOOTWEAR The default rubber feet can be pulled off and replaced with the supplied spiked feet

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