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Fotospeed inkjet media is the choice of the discerning photographer – and its choice of materials to suit all photo genres and personal tastes is second to none. At the show, Fotospeed will be proving what’s possible when using its products, plus offering exclusive show deals. Its experts will be on hand to offer advice and guidance, helping you find the right paper for any project – in any mode of photography. Fotospeed also sells printers from Canon and Epson, colour management kit from Datacolor and X-Rite – and is the UK distributor of Kaiser and Hoodman. Kaiser has lighting, copy stands, darkroom kit and all kinds of camera accessories.

US brand Hoodman is known for its innovative accessories, including LCD monitor hoods, monitor loupes, oversized eyecups and drone hoods. This is Fotospeed’s first year with Hoodman products, so visit the stand and see what your imaging can benefit from.

out Rode’s range of on-camera, wireless, broadcast and pro audio kit. At TPS, Rode’s product specialists will be on hand to demonstrate equipment, and help pick the highest-quality mic at the best price for any AV needs. Rode will also have presentations from its resident product specialist Tom Lewis, who will be offering practical advice on how to achieve the best audio from your set-up. That is definitely worth attending if you’re unhappy with your current results.

Good audio is vital if you want viewers to enjoy your video productions – and the first thing to consider is the microphone. For the best mic possible for your budget, check

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On-camera filter specialist Kase will showcase its Wolverine Magnetic Circular Filter systems; plus the new Double Grad, a simple, yet ingenious 100x150mm filter with different graduated areas at both ends. Two Double Grads are currently available. One is 0.9ND grad at Kase Filters › Stand J303 ›

Circular Filter system. With a magnetic adapter ring on the lens, simply offer the polariser or ND to the ring and allow magnetism to do its work. Kase also offers clip-in filters for Nikon Z and Sony A cameras. These high-quality products, like all Kase Wolverine filters, are made from toughened Schott B 270 optical glass. They fit in front of the sensor, which means you can enjoy filter use regardless of the focal length. For a demonstration of these Kase products, drop by the stand and have a chat with the experts. And for those who can’t attend the show, Kase Filters UK is holding a virtual event, giving you 10% off if you order online using the code: KASE10TPS.

both ends, soft and hard; the other is 0.9ND grad medium and reverse ND grad. Buy both and you have, in effect, four grad filters, thus saving both weight and money. For convenience and speed of use, you will be hard pushed to beat the Kase Wolverine Magnetic

The scariest challenge for most enthusiast photographers is cleaning their camera sensor. But sensors inevitably get dusty or have watermarks over time, and a thorough clean is the only way to avoid spending hours retouching files. If sensor cleaning is a dark art to you, visit the Just Ltd stand and ask for a demo. Its specialists will walk you through the process and offer advice on what accessories you need.

Clean, protect, carry – that’s the message from Just, and that’s reflected in its vast product range. It makes perfect sense: looking after your camera and lenses will reward you with some clean, crisp and beautifully saturated photographs. Just specialises in those all- important accessories that help keep your kit sparkling clean, but also markets straps, rain covers, LCD protectors and silicon camera covers.

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