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Cloudbusting Sony has launched the latest-generation solution for linking cameras to the cloud, using just a mobile connection. The Camera-Connect-Cloud Portal (C3 Portal) enables users to upload files to the edit suite ready for post-production using 5G, LTE or wireless networks via the C3 Portal App for Android OS and iOS. Files can be output and maintains the resolution of the image. It also copes well with common tracking issues, such as occlusion. There are three different software solutions to choose from depending on your specific requirements: Pro, Studio and Broadcast. The software therefore caters to a range of shooting styles and studio sizes. PANASONIC TO OFFER EXCLUSIVE POLYMOTION CHAT PRO SOFTWARE FROM MRMC A partnership between Panasonic and Mark Roberts Motion Control Ltd (MRMC) will see the introduction of an exclusive version of MRMC’s Polymotion Chat Pro software for Panasonic. Polymotion Chat Pro Panasonic Edition will enable automated control of Panasonic’s integrated PTZ cameras, PTZ heads and Box cameras. Up to three cameras can be controlled at one time from a single PC, for a streamlined and efficient workflow. Polymotion Chat utilises limb detection software to track a moving subject with the same steady movement as a human operator, making it a powerful tool for recording live events and various broadcast and capture scenarios, such as news, sports and weather. Unlike some pan and scan systems, Polymotion Chat produces high-quality broadcast level

A film festival with a twist

The International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, EnergaCAMERIMAGE, is turning the format on its head. Unlike other festivals, this Polish event emphasises the often- underappreciated role of the cinematographer, allocating awards based on visual, aesthetic and technical values. This 29th edition is from 13-20 November in Toruń. It will spotlight films, documentaries and music videos of talented filmmakers from around the world, with attendees also enjoying related seminars and workshops.

involved with production to access files remotely, reducing time to air or time to edit. Camera operators can add comments and essence marks to XAVC proxy files, ensuring clear communication with the rest of the production team. The C3 Portal is compatible with various Sony cloud-based products, other third-party suppliers and non-linear editing suites. It will be released at the end of November.

shared easily by scanning a QR code on the side of compatible cameras to log in to the app. Alternatively, smartphone users can connect to their cameras using a USB, or combine multiple cellular networks to speed up transfer times. Editing time on the production floor can also be reduced by sending files to the portal, using the C3 Portal’s Chunk File Transfer feature. The C3 Portal supports a collaborative process by making it easier for everyone

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