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range, with the portability and flexibility of its EOS R line-up. Since the C70 is still quite new, Iannacone hasn’t yet used it in an area of crisis, but admits if it had been available to her on previous shoots, it would have been her camera of choice. “I recently took it cliff camping in Wales, and it’s wonderful what it can do with an image. It shoots in different codecs, which helps with turnaround times. So, if you’re in a setting where you don’t have time to colour grade, you can choose the colour in-camera. On the other hand, if you do have time to play around with C-Log2 and C-Log3, you’re going to have remarkable dynamic range in your image. That’s something you don’t often find with smaller, run-and-gun cameras.” She recalls: “In Wales, I wanted to test how the camera would respond at night- time without using any lights. Amazingly, it was able to pick up detail in the waves and the rocks at magic hour, even after the sun had passed the horizon – and it wasn’t noisy. This is huge, because if you transpose that to a situation where you have to shoot inside of someone’s house, or when you’re on the go and don’t have time to set up, you want to be inconspicuous. The notion that you can shoot in such low light in high definition is extremely valuable. I thoroughly recommend this camera for shooting in challenging environments.” Although Iannacone’s workshop has already passed, you can still stay up to date with her by following her on Instagram: @elisaiannacone.

away and the boy recovered to resume his trek. It caused quite the stir, with critics asking, how could he? I would argue, in that situation, taking the photograph opened up the world in a way it hadn’t been before by an image. But everything can be contested. It’s so complicated.” CANON EOS C70 During the workshop, Iannacone also covered what to keep in mind when framing shots in such environments, making sure to select the right gear when facing the unknown, and heeding your own safety. She explains: “It was about being prepared – knowing how to select equipment depending on the surroundings, and understanding the leeway to either set up the shot properly with a tripod and light, or shoot off with a camera from your backpack. I also covered how to pitch to the media, turnaround times, adequate codecs – it changes depending on output – and how colour can enhance storytelling.” The session centred around one camera in particular: the Canon EOS C70. It’s compact and versatile, combining the powerful image quality of Canon’s cinema “The notion that you can shoot in such low light in high definition is extremely valuable”

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HUMANS OF THE FORGOTTEN WARS Iannacone represents the feelings of refugees from Cameroon that have been displaced in South Africa because of the civil war. “I photographed them behind bars wearing traditional Cameroonian attire because they felt treated like animals, and as though their identities were lost,” she explains. “Some are wearing masks from Mali, but I didn’t mind that too much, as many of the refugees have taken long journeys, ending up all over Africa, just to make it to South Africa. It further alludes to that journey of displacement they’ve been on.”


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