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Núria Pérez, DIT

Hailing from Spain, where she worked as a trainee and loader on multiple European co-productions, Pérez came to the UK to gain experience on a wider variety of film and TV projects. The digital era caught her in early days as a film loader, and got her to learn

data management while swinging lenses. Her curiosity for visual storytelling and love for being on-set put her on a path towards colour grading and DIT. She has been a DIT with Digital Orchard since 2013, and worked all over the world. “I most enjoyed

shooting in Morocco with DOP David Higgs, and in Tuscany with DOP Mike Eley. I love working abroad, and the teams on both jobs were fantastic. My worst experience was on a muddy field in London during December for ten days – even at midday, it was still only 3°!” she says. Pérez’s experience allows her to create a bespoke workflow for each project. During prep and on-set, she will work closely with the cinematographer to assist with their vision, and ensure creative control from capture to post. She is a collaborative person, creative and adaptable, and is aiming to become a cinematographer herself. “Be patient, persevere. Mentally prepare yourself for how you are going to work on the day, then take time to reflect at the end; recall what you have learnt and what you could have done better. It’s not the job that defines you, it’s how you do it.”

CREDITS I May Destroy You (2020), Men in Black: International (2019), Star Wars: Rogue One (2016)


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