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can raise concerns for data security, especially on big-budget projects, working within a cloud service means all your data and media are stored centrally, taking away the high-risk factor of having multiple copies in multiple locations. The move to the cloud happened a lot quicker than expected. What lessons have you learned from your customers? MC: While the pandemic accelerated a lot of the development, the transition to centralised cloud workflows was already in effect long ago. In addition, manufacturers, creatives, studios and post houses are all users of cloud technology in their personal lives. We all stream music and TV, and restore backups of our mobile devices from cloud archives. It’s always easier to prepare for change when those affected understand the unique selling points of a technology. There are lessons to be

production for many reasons, but most of all because it democratises creativity. Rather than relying on people in a certain convenient location – and thus having certain financial resources – the cloud allows producers to use talented editors from all over the globe. This way, the cloud at least dampens the continuous increase of inequality. EMILY FAIRCLOUGH: Creative collaboration on a global scale, with the ability to work in real-time and tailor compute usage, opens up huge advantages for post-production teams. Not just in deepening their creative pool and streamlining workflow and downtime, but cloud services are generally budgeted as Opex as opposed to Capex, so are much easier to fund on a regular basis compared to investing up- front in costly workstations and servers. And while opening up your workforce

excited to see what 5G bandwidth and network availability will add to the space. STEPHEN TALLAMY: It’s great for post- production because it allows creative individuals to come together when they’re apart. New working methods and techniques mean that editors and other creative professionals can work collaboratively as easily when they’re remote, as if they were in the same room – sometimes even more so if they live a long way from their workplace. Modern technology takes care of the complexity and allows people to deliver where is best for them, whenever they want. The flexibility intrinsic to the cloud means that one day, two editors can be on a project, and the next day you can have 50 – all working anywhere. PAUL MATTHIJS LOMBERT: The cloud is a great tool for teams working in post-



EMILY FAIRCLOUGH Pro video business manager, Scan Computers

Tallamy works with engineers to define the approach for the selection and adoption of new technologies. A keen innovator, he holds patents in metadata management, video content generation and video access control.

In 2016, Lombert started Hedge, one of the most satisfyingly designed software solutions for remote post-production teams. Every day it chugs away to manage multiple copies of data and communicate edits between teams.

Fairclough has been in creative industries for over ten years. For the past five years she’s worked with Scan, growing their production, broadcast and bespoke vGPU and workstation solutions.

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