DEFINITION January 2018


TITLE SEQUENCE 06 GOODBYE JEDI The Last Jedi is in our cinemas very soon, shot on film and digital. NEWS 08 OUR YEAR We look back over our year by cherry-picking the best articles. SHOOT STORY 14 DARKEST HOUR This biopic of Churchill may be the best – production was ‘old school’. 19 GAME FACE TV comedy shot on a camera that is usually the preserve of docs. 26 MINDHUNTER How to use top-quality modern movie gear in an ultra-retro way. FEATURES 34 GEAR GROUP The state of stabilisation on the Lighting story of the Netflix episodic about a post-apocalyptic train ride. AUDIO SPECIAL 47 INSTALLING AUDIO SUITES A video pro’s guide to the ins and outs of installing an audio suite. 52 SHURE’S IPHONE MIC Popular microphone maker banks on the smartphone’s ubiquity. 53 SHURE’S DSLR MIC Shure has also released a DSLR camera-mounted model. GEAR TESTS 56 PANASONIC EVA1 A new, smaller camera from Panasonic is always an event. 60 RESOLVE 14 Da Vinci Resolve is still evolving, and growing in popularity. 64 SIGMA LENS The 24-35mm T2.2 cine is Sigma’s only full-frame zoom so far. 65 FIILEX LIGHT A light that offers the advantages of a flat panel and a Fresnel. ground and higher up. 40 SNOWPIERCER












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