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The ProfotoA1 revolutionised the use of small lights on location and in the studio. Now, theA1X is here to build on its success. Mounting like a speedlight, or usable off-camera, theA1Xdelivers smooth and natural lighting effects thanks to its round flash emitter and suite of easy-to-fit accessories. Recycle times are improved to just 1sec at full power, with 450 full-power flashes per charge from the rechargeable and exchangeable Li-ion battery. An improved interface with ProfotoA1X


›  Power 76Ws across 9 f/stops

›  Recycle time 0.05-1.0s › Modelling light Yes, LED ›  Wireless Yes, up to 300m › HSS/TTL Yes, up to 100m › Measurements (WxLxH) 7.5x16.5x.10.8cm ›  Weight 560g

regular speedlights, which often have a range of haphazard and ill-fitting accessories, theA1X has a dedicated range of magnetically attached and stackable shapers, including a dome

a large and clear readout means it’s easy to use, and the TTLand HSS functions let you add flash to almost any situation with full control. The integrated AirTTL systemalso means you can seamlessly connect to other Profoto flashes for stunningmultiple light set-ups. It’s also a highly versatile light. Unlike

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diffuser, bounce card, wide lens, gel kit and

We’ll always encourage a couple to leave the wedding party for a short time during golden hour, and we like to use a little fill to lift shadows, improve skin, pop in catchlights and add some contrast. Here, we literally had five minutes of available light with this lovely couple and we asked them to run to the location before the sun disappeared for the day. I used an on-camera A1X with the diffusion dome on, but zoomed manually to get a much narrower angle, so the light just fell on the couple. For shots like this, I’ll generally just use TTL and then adjust the flash exposure with the compensation dial.

a soft bounce. Even ‘naked’, the spread of light can be adjusted fromnarrow to wide with a simple twist of the head, or you can use the auto or preset zoomsettings – accessible via themenu.

The beautiful Roman Baths in Somerset were a tricky venue to shoot. The ambient light was very low and atmospheric, and there was a lot of water between us and the wedding guests.We used two B10s, gelled to tungsten with umbrellas, while matching the available light in the scene. One light was placed either side of the wedding party and directed towards the centre to get the most even spread of light. In situations like this, I get my ambient exposure first, using a slowish shutter and with the camera on a tripod. It was important to maintain the warmth of the environment and the torches, so I set my white balance manually using the Kelvin function. Here, the B10s are not even at full power – I prefer to use flash and ISO to ensure the ambient light and mood is maintained – but it shows the power they’re capable of. It’s about balancing flash with what is available and making sure the people in the image are properly lit.

Just a little larger than theA1, but still no bigger thanmany camera lenses, the B10 is a lightweight battery-poweredmonolight that opens up all sorts of possibilities on location. For instance, its small size and lowweight mean you canmore easily usemultiple lights for amore complex arrangement. With amaximumoutput of 250W/s, it has five times the power of the average speedlight, and light is delivered in a versatile fashion through ten stops of control. But that’s not all.The B10 also packs in a powerful and highly controllable, flicker-free continuous light, allowing you to set the brightness ProfotoB10


›  Power 250Ws across 10 f/stops ›  Recycle time 0.05-2s ›  Modelling light 2500lm, dimmable 100-10%, adjustable 3000-6500K (+/-500K) ›  Wireless Yes, up to 300m › HSS/TTL Yes, up to 100m › Measurements (WxLxH) 11x17.5x10cm ›  Weight 1.5kg

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full OCF, which has softboxes, beauty dishes andmore. With clean and simple interface, the B10 is easy to use even for beginners, and highly

Academy and sign up to My Profoto at uk/academy

and colour, so it’s perfect for shootingmovies or adding constant ambient light to a scene. Evenmore control

versatile. Being compatible with all Profoto’s AirTTL remotes, as well as the A1Xas a trigger,

“Both the A1Xs and theB10s are light, portable andhave the right power”

in lots of flattering and creative ways. They works seamlessly together, too. “The combination of the A1s and B10s is game-changing for us,” Kate continues. “Finally, we have absolutely beautiful light that is delivered by a system that is consistent, reliable, lightweight and portable. They are so easy to use and we particularly love the brilliant B10 app, which enables us to makes changes from our phones and remain discreet at all times. “Along with the heads, we’ve invested in a variety of modifiers that,

together, deliver everything from big, soft light through to hard and very directional light for contrast and mood. All the OCF modifiers are also lightweight and built for travel – a very clever system that is perfect for location wedding and portrait photographers who like to enhance the environment and ambient light with a bit of extra magic. We also do a lot of filming, so make the temperature-controlled, dimmable LED continuous lights on the B10s have been very helpful,” she concludes.

is provided by the B10’s range of light shapers, as it’s compatible with over 120 Profotomodifiers, including umbrellas and the

it can even be controlled using the Profoto app, where you can set everything from themode to the power.

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