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I’ve owned a camera since my late teens and my first SLR was a very reliable Fujica. After many hours learning to process black & white film in the darkroom (my bathroom), I’ll never forget one of my early photos. Although it had an average composition and acceptable exposure, I had, through luck, three categories: events (including weddings, family gatherings, the performing arts, motorsport and corporate occasions), travel and architecture (often abstract), Make the switch From full-frame DSLR to the FujifilmGFX 50R, David McKibbin shares his experience after shooting sport and architecture with the 50-megapixel master DAVID McKIBBIN, DPAGB, LRPS Social, commercial and events photographer,Winchester captured a powerful emotion in the subject’s eyes. That was me hooked. Apart from holiday and family snaps, work diverted me away from the hobby for quite a long time. Then, about ten years ago, I was asked to help shoot a wedding and the passion was rekindled, and my fate sealed – this time for good. Three years after that, I started to reduce the time spent on my consultancy company and built up a small photography business, which keeps me fully occupied with a very rewarding mix of commissions, supporting several charities, training photographers and, importantly, personal projects. My photography usually incorporates people, emotions or form. It’s hard to compartmentalise, but my time is spread between

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