Photography News Issue 70


London 2016 I was in London when a bus pulled up, and I could see this shock of hair popping over the window. It was in the middle of the street, so I was deliberating for a bit, but then just let instinct take over—the instinct that says there’s a picture here and I should just do it. I’ve missed quite a few pictures not listening to that. This time I listened and got a shot I was very happy with. Location: London. Camera: Fujifilm X100S with 23mm f/2. Exposure: 1/320 sec and f/8 at ISO 400 @the_bragdon_brothers

Fanelli cafe I bike past Fanelli’s several times a week, sometimes a few times in one day. It’s one of the few remaining watering holes in Soho. Back in the day, it was mostly a hangout for local artists when Soho was all art galleries and giant artist’s lofts. Depending on the time of day, there can be a single person in the upstairs window, or a mob scene on the street, but there’s almost always a good photo to be had. I love the sign at dusk when the neon starts to glow. Location: Prince Street, Soho, NewYork, USA. Camera: iPhone X. Exposure: 1/160sec at f/4 and ISO 320 @sallydaviesphoto

“Themirror linedupwith the framed images and appeared tobe amagically moving photograph” MEL BREYER

From the watchwomen 2015 ☛ I was sitting at the bar of a local restaurant waiting for my dinner companion, and was transfixed by how the mirror lined up with the framed images and appeared to be a magically moving photograph. I wanted to include the mirror and the scene it was showing along with a waitress, as I thought it would be a bit more dynamic than the quieter restaurant shots I was making at the time. This is the only photograph in the series that clearly shows customers along with the server. Camera: FujifilmX-Pro1 with Fujifilm35mm f/1.4. Exposure: 1/65sec and f/1.4 at ISO 2500 @melbreyer

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