Photography News issue 25


Photography News Issue 25


Support on the go Manfrotto has added to its family of Pixi mini supports for CSCs, action cameras and smart phones.

ThePixiEvoisaimedatenthusiast photographers. This sturdy but lightweight support (it weighs 250g) is made from aluminium and will take a load of 2.5kg so CSCs and even DSLRs can be used. Or it can lend support to a telephoto lens via its tripod collar. Its adjustable two-section legs have five selectable steps to cope with uneven surfaces and there are two leg angles so you can shoot ground-level images. The Evo costs £44.95. The Pixi Xtreme and Pixi Smart cost £24.95 and £34.95 respectively, and weigh just 191g each. The Xtreme is for action cameras and a kit is available which comes with a GoPro tripod-mount adapter. With the Pixi Smart kit is a special clamp to grip the phone securely in place. Both the Xtreme and the Smart can be used as mini tripods but also can be used an ergonomic hand- grips for shooting on the move. All these units are in-store now.

Phottix Laso Canon Phottixhas releasedawireless flash trigger systemforCanon flashguns. The Laso system comprises transmitter and receiver, which work both with Canon’s RT wireless radio flash system and standard non-radio flashes. Available from the end of October, the transmitter costs £149, and the receiver is £99.

Calibrate it Datacolor has released Spyder5Studio, its latest colour-calibration suite. Comprising three devices, Spyder5Studio is aimed at users who want optimum colour accuracy. It includes the Spyder5Elite monitor calibrator, the SpyderCube for setting the white- balance, exposure etc. and the SpyderPrint for creating custom print profiles. The Spyder5Studio costs £390. In the air DJI has launched the Osmo, a camera designed to shoot sharp pictures and video in any situations. It uses DJI’s three-axis gimbal stabilisation technology to eliminate shake and its modular format makes it compatible with DJI’s Zenmuse camera series but it comers standard with a 4K, 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2/3in sensor and 94° field of view lens. The DJI Osmo camera costs £549.

Epson has extended its SureColor line-up to include 24in and 44in large- format printers. Already with A3 and A2 SureColor printers in the market, the larger SC- P6000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 are designed for the pro photo, fine art and proofing markets, offering easy use, a wider gamut, vibrant colours and more neutral black & white prints. The 24in SC-P6000 and 44in SC- P8000 are likely to appeal to the pro who’s serious about printing. Both use eight UltraChrome HD pigment- based inks, which offer improved lightfastness on Epson’s PremiumGlossy Photo Paper. The 24in SC-P7000 and 44in SC-P9000 use a ten colour UltraChrome HDX ink set, which uses a violet ink to reproduce 99% of Pantone colours. An alternative ink configuration is available with Light Light Black for high-end photographic and fine art use in colour and mono. All models come with Epson’s SpectroProofer for fast, accurate calibration. All models are available fromNovember. Pricing to be confirmed. Epson’s large- format printers

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