Photography News issue 25

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Photography News Issue 25

ISO performance ISO 100 and ISO 200 give very clean images as you’d expect. At ISO 400 and ISO 800 shots are pretty good but noise is evident at both speeds, although detail isn’t too adversely affected. From ISO 1600 onwards noise is much more obvious although at ISO 1600 and 3200 it’s very filmic – not blotchy or coloured. ISO 1600 is good enough for critical use and with some noise reduction in software will give impressive results. Noise from ISO 6400 onwards is strong and detail is lost amid the noise so the top speeds are best avoided for critical work. Shot on an EOS 760D with an EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens. The exposure for the ISO 100 shot was 1.3secs at f/8. Raws were processed in Lightroom CC with no noise reduction.

Full-frame image

Verdict The EOS 760D is a good, solid APS-C format Canon. There is nothing especially outstanding or noteworthy about it, but then there is nothing that irritates or no flaws that will put prospective purchasers off. It delivers a fine performance with high picture quality in smooth, unruffled fashion, and at £649 body only it is a very sound buy. Shooting into the light, dark scenes, white subjects; all were handled expertly Features A quality APS-C format Canon with much going for it Performance Delivers high-quality images time after time Handling Smooth-performing camera with a few minor niggles Value for money Represents sound value and it’s a capable camera Overall If you’re looking for a quality APS-C DSLR, look at this Canon Pros Quiet, swift AF, vari-angle monitor Cons On/off switch could be better 23/25 23/25 24/25 24/25 94/100 How it rates

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