Photography News issue 25


Photography News Issue 25


Six app outfit fromMacphun

News in brief

Profoto firmware update The latest firmware from Profoto, downloadable from the website, enables TTL flash control with Canon EOS 5DS/R DSLRs among other improvements and minor bug fixes.

//KIT PIC FROM PROFOTO// In Advertorial this issue

Mac software specialist Macphun has announced a six app bundle for creative photo editing. Noiseless, Tonality, Intensify, Snapheal, Focus and FX Photo Studio are the six apps in the bundle and it is available from the website for $149.99. Each app offers something different and all are useful depending onwhat youwant to achieve. Noiseless is averyeffectivenoise-reductionapp that canbeusedas aone- click solutionor if youprefermore advanced customised editing is possible. If youwant excellent black&white conversions in different styles, Tonality is the app for you, while Focus lets you achieve lens effects like selective focus and tilt-shift after the shoot andwithout the need for specialist lenses. Manfrotto’s street style Manfrotto’s latest bag collection is the Street range. Designedwith enthusiast photographers in mind, these bags are perfect for the urban environment with excellent functionality, high levels of security and fashionable, contemporary good looks. Four bags are on offer and all feature Manfrotto’s Protection System for maximum gear safety. The Street Medium backpack costs £109.95 and is big enough for a DSLR and lens with space for a couple more lenses and accessories. There is also a 15in laptop pocket, and a tripod carrying solution. For carrying amix of photo and personal gear is the StreetMessenger that costs £79.95. This has a 13in laptop pocket and a protective removable insert for a camera. When you want to travel lighter, the Street Shoulder bag and the Street Holster, at £34.95 and £29.95, respectively, are good solutions to consider. Both will take a DSLR or CSC with standard zoom and the Holster has a secure belt loop but can be carried on the supplied strap too. The Street range is in-store now.

FX Photo Studio will appeal to the creative artist in you and a whole range of arty effects like pencil sketch and oil painting can be done easily but if all you want from editing is to remove distracting objects in your shots or smooth skin tone Snapheal is the app to try. Finally, there is Intensify, an app that allows you to intensify contrast and make more of richly detailed pictures. You can either take the single- clickapproachor roll upyour proverbial sleeves andget really stuck inwith advanced functionality.

Save on aHasselblad The Hasselblad CFV-50c digital back can be fitted onto V-system cameras dating back to 1957 so can now enjoy the latest digital imaging technology on your old ‘blad. Until 31 December 2015, there is a special discount price of £5995 plus VAT. See the website for details and to book a demo. tal-backs/cfv-50c The VP-10 is a pen-shaped digital voice recorder that comes complete with anti- rustle technology to enable high quality recording when then the unit is in your pocket. It sells for £79.99. The other three models are the VN741PV at £44.99, the WS-852 at £59.99 and the WS- 853 at £69.99. Snap fromPolaroid The Polaroid Snap is a 10-megapixel camera with an integrated printer so users can enjoy 2x3in prints automatically after a picture is taken. Images are also stored on a Micro SD card so you can upload and edit pictures later. Four newvoice recorders fromOlympus

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