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ou are looking at the last monthly issue of FEED – and

having to make some of the hard choices our fellow trade publications have been forced into, and being in that privileged position has allowed us to be creative, rather than reactive. FEED has been sitting on a treasure chest of content creation services that we have only been able to roll out intermittently. The war- room mindset required to produce a high-quality magazine every month sometimes means other great projects get squeezed out. Doing FEED on a quarterly basis will enable us to

expand our content and services into long-promised areas, including a raft of digital offerings, from content on our newly upgraded website to round tables, webinars and networking opportunities. The quarterly FEED – and it will still be called “ FEED ” – will be released around the traditional big trade show dates. The first lands this December in time for what would normally be CES in Las Vegas. The next will ship in March 2021 at NAB time. The June 2021 will cover the mid-year shows, and the fourth will be in August 2021 in time for IBC.

that’s a good thing. FEED is now going to be published quarterly. And this isn’t a cutting back, so much as a scaling up. Let me explain: FEED has so far been very fortunate during this year ’s contraction thanks to being fast on our feet and the boost in demand for good journalism about streaming and cloud video technologies, which have become indispensable during the Covid pandemic. FEED has been spared the necessity of

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