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THE VERDICT The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is stunning, if you realise it’s a mini cinema cam rather than a run-and-gun camcorder, or mirrorless packed with advanced AF tech. But this 6K G2 is a clone of the Pro, minus the built-in ND filters and super-bright screen, for significantly less money. To some, that’s a bargain; but to others, the bright screen and NDs are worth the extra price. You now have a choice, at least. The G2 has a bigger battery, but still drains quickly – and an EVF is an optional add-on. Autoexposure, continuous AF tracking and in-body image stabilisation are still lacking. A recent firmware upgrade to the whole Pocket Cinema Camera range has enabled a built-in gyroscope to measure camera movement when shooting. Then, with Resolve, this can remove the shakes to give a stabilising effect better than any NLE’s regular steadying software. Sony has a similar system for cameras in its Catalyst Browse software. Again, this adds another level of complexity to the workflow.

“Like the 6K Pro, the 6K G2 is fantastic for considered, slower working when image quality is paramount”

But, like the 6K Pro, the 6K G2 is fantastic for considered, slower working when image quality is paramount. Shoot in Raw, then invest time working on the files in DaVinci Resolve, and you’ll get stunning results from an affordable machine.

Just like the Pro model, the G2 makes the most of fifth-generation colour science taken from high-end Blackmagic cameras, delivering beautifully realistic colours. The camera offers three basic colour settings and you can upload your own LUTs. Video is the standard high- definition Rec. 709 look that’s quite high-contrast, extended video has a wide dynamic range, while film mode produces a more cinematic style. Standard LUTs included changing Gen 5 film to normal video, extended-range video, Rec. 2020 Hybrid Log Gamma and Rec. 2020 PQ Gamma for HDR. We got the best results from film settings, choosing Gen 5 film and extended video LUT. This gives a subtle, yet cinematic feel and very low noise, even at high ISO. Image quality, highlight roll-off, lack of noise and colour science are all astonishingly good. Shooting in Raw at 6K offers insane amounts of detail, with natural colours, neutral skin tones, no noticeable moiré and very little rolling shutter; noise does appear at ISO 6400. Record with one LUT, then select a Blackmagic LUT in your NLE – that works pretty well. We shot in ProRes and imported to Final Cut, getting instant results from a standard Blackmagic LUT. But with files of such high quality, it’s down to you to dial in the look you really want – especially if you use Raw.

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Features: 8 Shoots Raw, but no IS, continuous AF or built-in ND Performance: 9 Raw files in 6K are simply stunning, as is 4K ProRes Handling: 8 Easy menus, but still no AE, IS or speedy AF Value for money: 9 Cheaper than the Pro model, so good value OVERALL RATING: 8/10 The Pro model has NDs and is not that much more expensive Pros: 6K Raw internal, image quality Cons: Sluggish AF, size

IN CONTROL Main user buttons can be found on the top-plate and rear panel – we applaud the simplicity



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