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Photography News Issue 28


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Here at last, the Nikon D5 (andmore!) revealed Wait no longer, the Nikon D5 is here! After much speculation and anticipation, Nikon’s latest technology-packed pro flagship has been announced. It’s a full-frame, 20.8-megapixel DSLR which doesn’t sound that impressive, but pros will be beating a path to its door

The D5 features a Nikon-designed 20.8-megapixel CMOS sensor with a native ISO range of 100- 102,400. This can be expanded to an equivalent of ISO50-3,280,000 (Lo-1 and Hi-5), and that range is available to stills and 4K video shooting. Image data is handled by the new EXPEED 5 processor, which should ensure high image quality across the native ISO range as well as accurate colour and tonal reproduction. The AF system has an impressive 153 focus points, 99 of which are cross-type sensors with sensitivity down to -4EV at ISO 100 for spot- on shooting in really low light. The user has the option of choosing 153, 72 or 25 AF points in continuous shooting, and of the 153 sensors, 55 AF points/35 cross-type points can be quickly selected while shooting.

EXPEED   processor as the D5. It can shoot at 10fps with AE/AF tracking with the buffer allowing 200 14‑bit lossless compressed Raws in one continuous burst. It has 4K video capability, too. Native ISO range is 100 to 51,200 and this is expandable to Hi 5, equivalent to ISO 1,640,000 – only the D5 exceeds this level. Robust build is a key feature and the D500 has the same weather-sealing as the D810, a front reinforced by carbon fibre, and the shutter has been tested to 200,000 actuations. The D500 is set to sell for £1729.99 body only and £2479.99 with the 16-80mm zoom. Nikon has also announced its SnapBridge connectivity technology. This is a low-energy Bluetooth feature which means a SnapBridge- integrated Nikon camera can be

Ahighperformance buffer allows a single burst sequence of 200 Raws at 12fps with AE/AF tracking and 14fps with the mirror-up. The D5 will be available in two versions depending on which type of storage card you prefer. There’s a dual CompactFlash option or, for maximum speed performance, a dual XQD version. XQD cards are up to 35% faster than CF cards. Body price of the D5 is £5199.99 and stocks will be in the shops from March, subject to final confirmation. More new releases Sharing some of the D5’s features is the D500, the long-awaited successor to the DX-format D300 s . The D500 offers a 20.9-megapixel resolution and boasts the same 153- AF point, 99 cross-type sensors and

constantly connected to a mobile device once it has been set up and configured. Seamless image transfer, even during shooting, is possible, and you get automatic syncing of location and time information from the mobile device to the camera. SnapBridge is going to be a standard feature on all Nikon cameras that are launched from this year onwards. Also in the announcements are two new standard lens options for the D500. These are the AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR, selling at £199.99, and the non-VR version at £149.99. These are the first Nikon lenses to feature its new Stepping Motor technology for really quiet autofocusing making them ideal for shooting video.

The third flagship Nikon product launched this month is the SB-5000 Speedlight, the first Nikon flashgun with radio triggering. With the optional WR-R10 radio unit there’s anout of line of sight operating range of 30m. A Guide Number of 34.5 (ISO 100, metres, 35mm setting), 24- 200mm (FX format) zoom range, a cooling system to avoid overheating during heavy continuous shooting and commander and remote, functions round off this unit’s headline features. The final product from Nikon’s long list of new kit this month is the KeyMission 360, the company's first action camera. It is a rugged 4K video camera capable of recording a 360° field-of-view.

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