Photography News issue 28


Photography News Issue 28


Travel Photographer of the Year results

Beating off entrants frommore than 110 countries, the overall winner of the Travel Photographer of the Year contest 2015 is Dutch Photographer Marsel van Oosten. Also announced was the Young Travel Photographer of the Year, Chase Guttman, from the USA. In total, photographers from 22 countries scooped awards.

An international panel of judges comprising expert travel photographers, picture directors and the director general of the RPS decided the winners. You can see all the winners on the TPotY website and a book, Journey 8 , will be published this summer. Also in the summer, a major

exhibition will go on show at the Museum of London Docklands. The dates for the exhibition will be announced in due course. And in case you fancy trying to win, entry to the 2016 Awards will open in the spring.

Above Brazil’s Alisson Jonas Cardoso Gontijo got a Special Mention in Travel Photographer of the Year for this shot.

An unmissable show

Original prints from Tim Rudman’s latest book, Iceland: An Uneasy Calm , can be enjoyed at the National Trust Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock Abbey until 10 July. Tim’s pictures have been taken over a period of eight years using filmand the prints are split-toned in Ilford Multigrade Warmtone FB paper.

You’ve got plenty of time to see the show and the fact that it is at the birthplace of photography makes the effort even more worthwhile.

The Northern Lights can put on anamazingcelestialshowandin recent months there have been occasions when they’ve been visible from the UK. But if you really want to enjoy them you need to go much further north. Alaska, for example, which is where dedicated aurora hunters and authors Daryl Pederson and Calvin Hall went for their book, The Northern Lights: Celestial Performances of the Aurora Borealis. Published by Sasquatch, it’s £14.99 and will make you want to see the lights for yourself. For your bookshelf museum-and-village

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