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A Samsung 128GB memory card Enter thecompetition onpage76 WIN!

Triple test Fab cameras fromCanon, Fujifilmand Olympus on test See page 38

Moonshots Amazing out-of- this-world images, page 30

Camera Club of the Year First round results on page 16

The Lumix G9 promises super-fast shooting and high image quality Panasonic’s latest flagship

The Panasonic Lumix G9 is a fast- response, high-performance camera and offers leading edge image quality from itsMicro Four Thirds Digital MOS 20.3-megapixel sensor. The sensor is optical low pass filter-free and for even higher quality a High Resolution mode makes eight exposures as the sensor moves in half-pixel steps to capture 80-megapixel equivalent images of static subjects. Amajor step forward is offeredby the Body Image Stabiliser that gives 6.5EV benefit in still and video shooting. In combination with lenses that have OIS (optical IS) you get a five-axis Dual IS system for sharp long lens shots. The G9 is full of innovative technology and that includes the 6K photo mode. Here you can shoot a sequence at 30 frames-per-second and then pick the best frame and extract that shot as an 18-megapixel JPEG, so it is well suited to action shooting.

Celebrate gear, glorious gear

Vote for the best imaging kit of the year in our 2017 Awards. Read more on page 3

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