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ALWAYS IMPROVING Frequent updates add ever more functionality

popular functions that exist in the Develop module. Stop wasting time We all want to streamline our workflow and avoid having to undertake the same process over and over again. Thankfully, Zoner Photo Studio X users can make use of a selection of default settings for processing their Raw files. Adjustments can be set from the Develop module to be applied to output from each of your cameras, meaning you’ll never have to go through photos one by one again. Other features to look out for include much more seamless control of video editing thanks to the addition of simpler keyframing; users can now select and change multiple keyframes at once. Additionally, in the Print module – where you can prepare a series of your images to be turned into a product such as a calendar or photo book – you need never again lose photos that have been earmarked for a project. The Print module now keeps track of files even after folders have been moved around. There is also live editing in the module, whereby adjustments made on individual photos will be reflected immediately in Print projects. With support offered for Windows 10 and 11, the price of Zoner Photo Studio X is just $5.99 a month, or $59 per year, with any updates added automatically and for free. Once users have purchased a licence, they can log in from any computer, with customer support via online chat and email available. Some 20GB of Zoner Photo Cloud storage is also included with any licence. Over ten million downloads back up the fact that Zoner Photo Studio X is a universally popular photo editing software package. The key points to take home are that Zoner Photo Studio X is both faster and easier to use than ever. That frees you up to get out and capture more images! If you agree this makes Zoner Photo Studio X worthy of a vote in the Photography News 2023 Awards as best image editing software, then head to and cast your verdict. Then, follow the below URL to try out a fully featured seven-day trial of the software itself.

STREAMLINED SYSTEMS Zoner Photo Studio X has improved optimisation in order to make better use of your computer hardware and further speed up the editing process

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