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Prize-winning inspiration

Astonishing winning images from recent competitions to inspire your creativity. Some of these photographs are (quite literally) out of this world!

Feast your eyes on the amazing winners from the recent Astronomy and Bird Photographer of the Year. They showcase feats of extraordinary photographic endeavour that we should all strive to achieve, and give you something to aim at if you want to take on the best. If you fancy having a go yourself, head to the respective website and who knows, next year it could be one of your images that we’re venerating on these pages.

WHERE DO YOU get your photographic inspiration from? Fellow photographers? Books? Everyday life? One surefire way to get those creative sparks flying is to look at the results of photographic competitions. There seems to be a plethora of ways to win prizes with your work, and some of the first steps to take towards success in competitions is to study the images that have won before. And have we got two crackers for you this time!


Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Now in its 15th year and run by the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, this competition produced some simply stunning images. An exhibition of the winning photos and some of the shortlisted shots is now on show at the National Maritime Museum and looks well worth seeing. Entry is £10. While many of the images are created using high-powered telescopes and other specialised equipment, more conventional camera set-ups aren’t excluded. Nikon D850 owner Vikas Chander, for example, tasted success in the people & space category.

HAVE A GO! › Open to All levels › 2024 closing date TBA

›  2023 prizes £10,000 (overall winner), £1500 (young winner), £500 (runners-up) › Website

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