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HIGH SPEED, LOW NOISE Shot at ISO 3200 on the GFX 50R with the 32-64mm lens. The exposure was 0.5sec at f/8 on a tripod- mounted camera. Barely any noise was visible, even at high ISO, and this was without any noise reduction

focus check gives an enlarged view to confirm this. Also on the plus side is a full array of focusing pattern options, from single point to a selection of zones up to wide view AF, with 117 or 425 points. Focus point placement can be done with the focus lever or by using the touchscreen. Essentially, the focus point options are very similar to those on X Series cameras. You can enjoy a great view of your subject using the EVF, and the image from the 3.2in articulating touchscreen is equally good. This screen can be set for low or high horizontal-format shooting, but not in portrait format. The body is on the large side, but not heavy. My typical walkaround outfit was the body, two lenses – the GF 32-64mm f/4 and GF 100-200mm – travel tripod, filters and a couple of spare batteries. I’d sometimes add the 23mm f/4. All that fits in a medium backpack and is fine for all-day shoots with minimal backache. Battery life is good and getting several hundred shots out of each cell is perfectly possible, even when you are doing lots of long exposures. For these, setting T mode gives the option of exposures as long as 60 minutes, which means you don’t even need a remote release if you are happy using the self-timer.

SMALL, BUTWELL FORMED While all perfectly usable, the buttons on the GFX 50R could be larger, given the camera’s surface area I’ve used a GFX 50R extensively over a four-year period, creating still lifes and flatlays to portraits, scenics and night – and I love the results. I usually shoot lossless compressed Raws with normal JPEG, so I can enjoy a more magnified view during playback for checking focus. Getting fine shadow and highlight details out of a GFX 50R Raw is easy. When I want even more from them, I put them through DxO PureRaw. Yes, Raws and modified Raws are large, but so are those from the latest Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras. As you would expect from the GFX 50R, image quality is top drawer, and this includes when you shoot at the camera’s higher ISO settings. Big, high quality prints rich in fine detail are easily obtained. WC

Summary For current APS-C and full-frame format shooters looking to take the next step in terms of image quality, there is a great deal to commend the GFX 50R – its Raws are a joy to work with. Searching for used examples, you can get a GFX 50R in excellent condition for around £2000. Then you need a lens. A used GF 32-64mm is around £1700, but you could go for a GF 35-70mm f/4.5-5.6 which is £849 brand new. Budget £150 for a spare battery and an L-grip, and you’re in the world of medium format imaging for £3000. That’s still a lot of money, but it’s a fraction of what it would have cost a few years ago.

STACKED UP For this scene with two well separated subjects, 46 focus-bracketed Raws were used to get enough depth-of- field. It took a little while for the images to be written to card. Focus merging was done in Affinity Photo

FINDADEALER You can buy or sell imaging kit privately, but it saves time and effort if you deal through a retailer – and there’s added peace of mind. Only kit that’s to standard will be accepted in the first instance, then it is inspected, cleaned, and even refurbished before being offered on sale – usually with a warranty. Each retailer will have its own process, but you’ll generally get a quote on kit you want to move on (whether in person or online). If you are happy, a courier will collect it from you, often at no extra cost. Upon receipt, the retailer checks over your items and you’ll get a confirmed quote, assuming it’s accepted. Confirm the quote and the cash will be in your bank account a few days later. Or, if you are going for a part-exchange deal, your new kit will be with you soon. Here’s a list of leading UK retailers offering used and part-exchange services. Several of the dealers have multiple outlets, so please check the websites for your nearest one – or for contact details of individual stores.

Cameraworld 01438 367619

Chiswick Camera Centre 0208 9959114 Clifton Cameras 01453 548128

Harrison Cameras 0114 2859854

Park Cameras 01444 237070

Campkins Cameras 01223 368087 Carmarthen Cameras 01267 222300


Special Auction Services 01635 580595

London Camera Exchange Mifsuds 01803 852400 MPB 0330 8180756

UK Optics 01200 444744

Ffordes Photographic 01463 783850

Wex Photo Video Wilkinson Cameras 01772 252188

Castle Cameras 01202 526606

Grays of Westminster 0207 8284925

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