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BLUE MOOD Frosty South Lanarkshire, captured on the Nikon D850


drawn to a little patch of light on distant hills, you’re going to need a longer lens to capture it. My go-to on the Nikon D850 is my Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS. Before that, I used the Sigma 70- 200mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM, but traded it in for the extra reach and lightness. It’s a superb lens, not only in helping me get up a hill, but in what I can capture from the top of it. “I’ve seen similar switches in a lot of landscape colleagues,” he continues. “Low weight is vital when you’re hiking and need to carry extras like food and clothing, as well as your photography gear. Many have moved to mirrorless bodies like Nikon’s Z 7II, along with all-in-one zooms such as the Z 24-200mm f/4- 6.3 VR, and they’re really enthused by how they can just go out with one lens and a small bag.” The experience of trading in and buying second-hand was also a weight off Nardini’s mind. “Most of my gear is second-hand, actually,” he explains. “I’ve bought four or five lenses through MPB. Buying is an apprehensive experience for me and I know a lot of photographers who feel the same way. You spend a lot of time researching the right lens, so you don’t want to have to worry about where you’re buying it, too. “Auction sites can be hit or miss,” he continues. “But what’s reassuring with MPB is that they show an exact photo of the item you’re getting. It’s not a stock picture or a placeholder. It’s literally the lens that’s going to end up on your camera. My Sigma

“My advice is to respond to what calls you”

SIGMA 100-400MM F/5-6.3 DG DN OS

way away from the recognised hotspots up in the Highlands. Comparatively, I’ve not spent as much time in the north. It was quite unknown to me when I first went.” This led to one comical incident on a trip to Glencoe. “I hadn’t really seen any of the famous shots from that area –and really only knew it because I used to go skiing and snowboarding there. I found this little river with a mountain behind and thought, ‘oh this is really nice.’ Of course, when I got home and looked on Twitter, I realised it was the famous view of Buachaille Etive Mòr, right next to the A82! But it was nice to feel the innocence of that discovery, without realising its popularity. That’s what I like to feel when I shoot all the time. “My advice is to respond to what calls you – a view that makes you stop in your tracks on a walk, or pull over and switch the car off, just to drink it in. Think about what is drawing you to that view, and then you’ll know how to shoot it. I often need to break down a scene into smaller pieces, instead of focusing on a broader view.” It’s an approach that’s influenced his choice of gear, and most recent purchase from MPB. “If your eye is

Although more traditionally used by sports and wildlife photographers, the 100- 400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS is perfect for photographers like Nardini who want to find landscapes within landscapes. Its built-in optical stabiliser keeps images crisp, and with a closest focus of 160cm, can also be used for close-ups. Optical quality is first class, thanks to four SLD elements. Pick one up in ‘excellent’ condition showing only light signs of use, with all caps, cases and packaging, for £639* at MPB.

100-400mm was listed as ‘excellent’ and was perfectly described – plus there’s a six-month guarantee on all used kit, to calm your nerves further. “I had the same great experience with trading in,” he concludes. “My 70-200mm had been a real workhorse, and came from MPB in the first place. I sent it to be valued and got a little bit more than the quoted amount, which was nice. It’s not like one of these car companies who promise you one amount and then it’s completely different when they turn up! Thinking about it, almost all of my winning shots have come from lenses I bought from

MPB. That’s not to say they have some magical quality! Buying from MPB has just helped me get the tools I need to express my vision.”

*Price correct at the time of press

MPB puts cameras and lenses into more hands, more sustainably. #ChangeGear at

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